Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • I would definetly have to agree with you.

  • Ron paullll wOoooooooooooooo he’s goin to win and change the nation goooooooooooooooo ronnn paul 2012


  • You must feel upset that a black man has proven to be a better president than any white man who ever lived (with the exception of Lincoln and Washington).

  • you are fucking reatrded

  • Obama, the greatest? Are you fucking high

  • Don’t be an idiot. Vote for the person who will actually WIN the election – BARACK OBAMA, THE GREATEST PRESIDENT WHO EVER LIVED. Ron Paul has NO chance so to vote for him makes you a fool.

  • Well, you will see how retarded those who believe in the message Paul is spreading. Wisdom is known by its fruits. The government itself does not realize the beast they are building. They themselves will fear it and finally realize they have made serious mistakes. Not one will go unscathed from what will come and after that judgment by the hand of God. America has only lasted as long as it has because its laws and constitution were founded by men who believed in God’s ways and followed wisdom.


  • RON PAUL SUPPORTERS, CHRISTIANS AND OTHERS: click on my channel name, “Mitt’sMusical” go to “Videos” at the top of the page and see the high-end 3-minute video that illustrates why Romney can never beat Obama and must be replaced by another GOP nominee at the convention in 2 weeks. THEN SPREAD THE VIDEO EVERYWHERE. We have 2 weeks to make sure Romney cannot win the nomination at the convention. Remember, the delegates are NOT BOUND UNTIL THE CONVENTION. This can be done. 2 weeks

  • I will be there! Im psyched!

  • we’re the least free western country in the world, we’re a joke

  • Liberty. Look alive Tampa!

  • Lets be AMERICANS not followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lets be AMERICANS not followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • how do you know that 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, you dont so it obviously could be. And i believe it was because there is sooooooooooooooo much evidence that backs it was an inside job so id rather believe researched proof than a TV channel. and its not crazy because people ask these questions, thats what the world needs, more people like us RP supporters. the world is falling apart and its sad to see people still being controlled and told what to believe, people dont think for them self’s

  • Don’t put words into my mouth.

    I didn’t say anything about people thinking differently than me being twats, YOU DID. I was simply trying to show you that people who use “Generalization to group others together are twats & have their head shoved up their own ass”

    The truth is most Generalization is based on false pretenses, there are tons of RP supporters very few actually believe these theory, the ones that do however are much more vocal on the matter..

    I suppose I could’ve worded it better..

  • Oh….you’re so right! Everyone that doesn’t think like you is a twat and has their head up their ass = Laughable

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  • hope for a better

  • hope for a better