Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • Im sharing this everywhere


  • Awesome video!! When the music stops and Ron says, “an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government!”…I literally got chills! Dr. Paul will definitely go down in history as a great American hero!!

  • You’re a silly child. Military come into your house and secretly arrest you? hahahahahaha

  • America is free. This video is silly.

  • When I see Obama being sworn in… I want to punch him in the face. Lies Lies Lies Lies!!!!

  • Go Ron Paul – let freedom ring


  • anyone that supports obama is a freaking idiot that deserves to have military come in and secretly arrest them and lock them up without trial any idiot that chants yes we can and pass this bill from some piece of trash that told them lies in 2008 gets what they deserve

  • I have found this out as well! Ron Paul 2012 to preserve our freedom!!

  • Yes indeed!!

  • Thanks for ruining this country.I hope you get put in Fema Camps.

  • It’s to late now.:(

  • ron paul gives liberty and peace obama gives welfare and warfare

  • if u vote for obama u dont know what your doing he disrespects god and worships the devil he wants us to put rfid chips in us with the mark 666 if u dont believe me go search up rfid chip and look at all the videos

  • Support to Ron Paul from Serbia! Support to all true proud American patriots who believe that they not slaves and deserve freedom! Don’t be slaves of “your” media! Don’t let media make your decisions and form your opinions instead of you! I believe that you are better than that and deserve much more than that!

  • what do Ron Paulites do now that the RNC took away Paul’s
    delegates and threatened them not to step a foot onto the floor of the RNC?

  • the sad thing is that he would not win cause of all the zionest neo nazi jews in america

  • Ron Paul is the only guy who can save America

  • I’m in a college study about IQ and we found that Ron Paul supporters are on the higher end of the scale. Not one person below 105 wants to vote for Ron Paul. I think that says something, and I don’t care who wins because this shit is all rigged anyway.