Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Paul…. You are my President…. the rest of them are corrupt. Lead us and lets unite the people and take our country/ rights back. The system stole the election from us. It is obvious that you have much more supporters than Romney.

  • I love You Dr. Paul, thank you!

    Ron Paul 2012!



  • You’re a true coward. Vote Ron Paul you pussy.

  • Yes, The Tampa convention is on the 26th, That is when we will see who gains the Republican Nomination that everyonethinks is already Romneys, When the convention hasnt even started yet. Ron Paul 2012.

  • People need to understand that government is the problem!

  • I really wish this guy would have caught on… I guess Romney is our only hope.

  • What’s the song?


  • dude britian dosnt even have guns and there more free than us

  • Just trying to inject some reality into a lot of these Paul supporters on here. I honestly don’t believe Romney/Ryan will be as bad as you guys make them out and sure as hell won’t be as bad as Obama. This is the most important election of our lifetime. If you want the U.S. to look like Europe you got 4 choices 1) vote Obama 2) don’t vote 3) vote Johnson 4) write in Paul. If you want to stop or at least slow the process you have but one choice. VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN

  • I shall vote for Gary Johnson; or, maybe not at all. There’s little difference between BO and Romney. Something or someone is running this country. We vote and pretend we know what’s happening. The slime just gets deeper. Both parties are cut from the same cloth and neither party is for “We The People”.

  • And I understand that whole heartedly. I’m just tying to tell you guys there is a difference, if ever so slight. I don’t understand what you guys think is going to happen. Paul will not win and the history books will say people like you guys gave Obama the presidency and made the U.S.A. just another socialist state. Even you Libertarians have a split vote, Gary Johnson and Paul. After the RNC and when Romney is the nom. will you back him like Rand did? Or split the vote and give us 4 more Obama

  • personally I seem to think that everyone who supports RP is brainwashed! sure his anti-war , small government stance is brilliant…but look past it! His economic policy of complete unhindered free market laissez faire capitalism and his taxation policies would destroy America!Cheap goods from foreign countries would be dumped in America. You have a $900 Billion deficit, RP isn’t going to make that any better.

  • The problem that many paul supporters have with Obama and Romney is that they stand for basically the same things. What good does it do us to continue to vote for tyranny? We are going to fail with either. The only things that are differnet is the rhetoric, not the actions. A little fact checking proves all of this. I am done with voting for fraudulent conservatives..Mccain was the last time. The GOP is nothing that it says it is. THey need to be purged and altered..

  • Paultards FTW!

  • Even if they are exactly the same,and they are not, but if you really think they are I would rather have a 1st term Romney then a 2nd term Obama. You have to admit Obama has took this country so far left in his first term it will be a while to get centered. So the question remains do you honestly believe Paul has a chance? He has a large following of youth and computer savy adults but not enough to win. After the RNC and Romney is the nom will you be like Rand and back Mitt? or usher in Obama?

  • Fail…Fail…BOSS!!!

  • The problem for me is not that I think every person who opposes Ron Paul is brainwashed or that there is any kind of conspiracy. I simply fail to see a significant difference between Romney and Obama in terms of policy vision. I see that Obama is slightly less belligerent in foreign policy and Romney is slightly less socialist in domestic policy, but I think they largely agree on the big issues (at least the ones that matter to me). So why care which of the two others wins?

  • AMERICAN TAX PAYERS GIVE -$30,00 PER YEAR PER ISRAELI , yes the total amount including military aid works out to $30,000 per israeli! – I just don’t get it, the USA is broke!