Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • “Ass kicking is what’s called for.”
    Bill Maher for president.

  • In that couple of years I will be laughing even harder because the man will be too old to even run for office LOL

  • and why does he get at least 3,000 supporters at EVERY SINGLE rally he has?!
    RON PAUL 2012


  • you just look dumb….just wait, his movement is spreading, you would be very surprised. in a couple years, we will see whos laughing 😉

  • obviously..

  • No, There is other choices. Its not just the Republicans and Democrats.
    And to be frankly honest, Romney is worse than Obama. You just cant see it yet.

  • Yes. Don’t believe Pirateonaboat, he’s a coward.

  • So vote for Ron Paul. Niether are good candidates. If we didn’t have cowards like you, then Ron Paul would actually win this campaign.

  • Ron Paul will never win. Ahaha..libertarians I will continue to laugh at you.

  • if ron paul dosent win i give up on americans

  • anybody who thinks that ron paul has no chance, has completley bought the mainstream media bullshit lock stock n barrel, without actually doin some research for themselves.
    If Ron Paul has no chance of winning then why does the republican party constantly commit votin fraud when it comes to Ron Paul voters? why does the mainstream news refuse to cover him? why has romney recently been scramblin to steal his delegates?

  • I wanted Ron Paul to be President.

  • and thats why I don’t believe you guys know just how dangerous a second term Obama would be. This is not an ordinary election. Yes, there are some aspects of Obama and Romney that are the same but like I said before, do some serious research, not from conspiracy theory YT videos and websites. Obama= NO constituation. Romney= A better America than what we have had the last four years. A 1st term Romney has to restrict himself in fears of re-election. 2nd term Obama will hold nothing back.

  • I never said “Ron Paul is going to be the president”, however I’m not a big pussy and am going to change my vote on who I believe should be president. I don’t really give a shit if he doesn’t make it on the ballot, does it seem like I do? I stand for OUR constitution, and you if don’t, that’s your choice. But, know it makes you look like a big coward.

  • So you believe that an overwhelmingly large percent of the population will write in Paul, because he will not be on the ticket, and he will miraculously become president and all your dreams will come true. If you believe that, you need to see a psychiatrist. The more likley reason is you want to protest vote or vote your conscience. Just know that will just make it easier for Obama. Don’t be a pussy and realize your Paul will not be pres. Go research Obamas vision of US, from real sources not YT

  • No

  • I’m only use “curse” words, because I’m very faithful in Ron Paul. So, quit being a pussy and vote for him. YOU pick the next president. Not your neighbor, so stop being a little bitch and stand up for what you think is right.

  • When the RNC is over and Romney is the nom. will you act like Rand Paul and back Mitt and work on the next election cycle or will you the throw your vote away and help get Obama elected for another 4 years?


  • There you go! Your point will be taken more seriously when you curse at the other person. Sorry buddy, but history seems to always repeat itself and there is this place called reality where I reside, it’s nice you should come over, so I, and 99% of Americans, know Paul will NOT be president. Even if we really wanted him to. These Youtube conspiracy theories have warped your mind (kind of like what the MSM has done to others). So once you realize that you see you have 2 choices Obama or Romney