Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • W ARE THE 99%

  • Now this is a true American video that shows true Americans hearts pointing at a true American that will fix this Country’s corruption.

  • We the people are responsible for the officials we choose to represent US. Looking at where we are today, clearly we’ve failed with this task. Now, we must learn from our mistakes & choose wisely.
    Write in Ron Paul for President
    Like this and post this to spread awareness, we don’t need millions of dollars on campaign ads, we need to be focused and determined, and together we can restore America to its greatness.


  • come on Americans. everyone share this video on Facebook and twitter

  • come on Americans. everyone share this video on Facebook and twitter

  • yes, there is a situation right now where ron paul won enough states to get a 15 minute slot at the GOP convention… but fascist Romney and his men are trying to cover it up… people in power fear paul for he will restore power back to the people.. the rich and powerful will no longer have the power… ron paul is a man of the declaration

  • i would not be surprised if this guy got assassinated

  • Has Ron ever stopped running, retard?

  • The only smart person in this u.S.uckers country. I wish that nation would have enough brains to elect him as a president. But they keep choosing evil idiots….
    Anyway Ron Paul is the wisest man, Russian people see you as the only option of world peace.
    But as for now america (intentionally written in small letter) is evil, satanic, genocidal nation, bringing nothing but pain and destruction to the world on a daily basis.

  • For every American out there who is sick of what the political system has become, you should vote for what you believe in. We may not make the numbers, but we’ll make a statement.

  • How likely is it for a write in to win? I want him to be the Rep. candidate so bad.

  • ♫ Where did all the Paultards go ?

    Long time I’m laughing

    Where did all the Paultards go ?

    Long time since posting ♫

  • its a shame that they got that military man in trouble. he fights for our country and to harass him with bullshit just further explains the problems with this country.

  • you guys. dont worry if he is/will be president. the fire has been started and soon the whole country/world will awake and put out the fire with the constitutinon. thx ron paul. you have sparked the minds of the people to fight back!

  • yes or I’ll write him in haaaa

  • yes or I’ll write him in haaaa

  • I REALLY hope Ron Paul wins this year. I sincerely regret voting for Obama in 2008.

  • Yes, yes he is.

  • how can people who listen to him not like him?

  • Ron Paul is up for nomination at the convention. YES!