Ron Paul: There’s “No Way” I’m Ready to Endorse Romney

  • well…it’s been discussed a lot already…and Ron was very firm in not endorsing Romney…nothing more to discuss IMHO

  • “NO WAY” is a compelling answer to SHUT up Wolf mouth.
    RON PAUL has achieved MASSIVE support of Americans.
    Romney has achieved CRIPPLED support of the Establishment.
    What a BIG difference!
    It seems Wolf care about cheaters and liars very well.
    What a silly guy!


  • Dr. Paul, keep warning the world about the war mongering neocons.

  • You’ve been lied to by neocons and their media. Syrian gov does not kill their own people. CIA, NATO and Saudi Arabia are paying for Al Kaida death squads to kill Syrians. Then media blame killings on Assad’s army. Now that a reason has been created, NATO forces pose as saviours and invade. After thousands of killings a western friendly puppet gov will be installed and western banks and corporations take over the “new market” and bribes are paid off to neocons.
    Watch some Webster Tarpley videos.

  • What makes me feel furious that AIPAC disciples who have Not exceeded %1.9 of Christian society have been questioning Americans as slaves who work for their greedy corporations.
    Those Fanatic Jews are digging their graves by their bare hands.
    Dr.Ron Paul will NEVER endorse Mt.Flip Flop because they do Not have anything in common.
    RON PAUL has been working for America whereas Romney has been working for AIPAC disciples.
    Everybody MUST respect the rules without any exception.

  • Wolf meant to define Muslim brotherhood as Al-Qaida because his loyalty is first for Israel.
    AIPAC disciples have been exploiting Christian Americans as slaves to fulfill their aims and magnify their wealth and loot.
    Fanatic Jews have been seeking for NEW Mubarak who could help them to steal the wealth of Americans as well as Egyptians.
    War on Iraq has filled the banks accounts of Wolf fellows with billions of dollars.
    Dr.RON PAUL shut Up the mouth of Wolf and his greedy fellows.
    What a MAN!

  • Romney cheated hes been pulling shit this whole time to silence the suporters

  • I amI very sympathetic to Ron Paul …. But Wolff not asking to elaborate on rands’ endorsement is stay the least ‘eyebrowraising’

  • There is Only One path in front of ALL Ron PAUL supporters and that is joining MASSIVE protesters cross US streets.
    Israel has been benefiting from corrupted governments like Mubarak and his fellows because that AIPAC intelligence agencies sent their NGO Jewish spies who were arrested in Egypt.
    Fanatic Jews do Not care about America at ALL.
    What is Ironic here is that Rand defended those Jewish spies .
    I criticized him at that time and I knew he does Not have enough political experience.

  • PAUL 2012

  • Wolf Blitzer is trying so hard not to show his dislike for Ron Paul… fail! Go Ron !

  • yeah, i agree “stand up for the rules.”

  • You need to work with the party to get what you want. And it works. the republicans are supporting rand paul’s hemp legalization bill. As a result of rand paul “selling out” we are now going to have legalized hemp. Rand Paul has done much more for YOUR liberty than you have.

  • dont write ron paul in moron. Support him if he can win. if he cant, support “not obama”. Vote for romney cause obama WILL destroy the country. if romney wins we can always try for 2016. if obama wins its all over. socialized shithole, do you want to be responsible for that?

  • Wolf Blister and CNN sux balls. Where’s Jack Cafferty?? He’s not afraid of the truth.

  • How could you not like this guy?

  • great 😀 Ron Paul 2012

  • caching – read youtube man

  • Thank you for understanding that Rand and Ron are TWO different people.

  • 12 people are Rand Paul supporters.