Ron Paul: There’s “No Way” I’m Ready to Endorse Romney

  • The only difference between Obama and Romney is the color of their skin. Type in “Mitt Romney Liberal” in the search and you will see the biggest flip flopping lair in American history. You guys see things way to literally. There’s is no way he will support Mittons and he most definitely is intrigued by the lawsuit but he can’t just say ya I like it go sue his ass Everything positive will come out of this and the revolution will continue. It’s not about Ron its about “We the People”

  • Loved that. Will you support Romney?….. No

  • Will you please do America a favor and do some research into who Mitt Romney is what he stands for, who Obama is and what he stands for, and who Ron Paul is an what he stands for and then come and speak on the issues.

    Please Im begging you! Stop being a sheep… I would ask that anyone else that come across this to encourage you to do the same thing. Please for the sake of our future, do some GOT DAMN RESEARCH!


  • fuck wolf the jew you bum ass rewhoreter
    ron paul fuck rand paul

  • wtf r u talking bout

  • Rand Paul already endorsed Romney…

  • Ron Paul, WHY are you not endorsing Mitt Romney? Because you hate his politics? Or because for the sake of your son’s political future you have to retain some semblance of face?
    I thought you were supposed to be about “the issues”. But of course talking about the issues would be to rain on Rand’s parade, and that can’t happen.

  • Why doesn’t ron Paul support the lawsuit?!

  • A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama or Barry or what ever his fucking name is? Surly Americans don’t want to spend another 4 years grabbing there ankles for the UN or NATO?
    Ron Paul gives a shit about you! The only candidate that does… be smart and do the right thing.

  • Dig Dig dig, Drill,Drill,Drill get us out of the Middle East!


  • Don’t give in!!! Ron Paul write-in vote ..! Ron Paul 2012 write-in!!!
    No Gary Johnson .. that’ll just split votes!!!

  • This guy makes to much sense for a politician i dont know wat the hell is wrong with the US no offence

  • Bob Vondruska

    Well there you go! Hopefully the media will stop asking Dr. Paul this stupid question now! I don’t know what was going through the mind of the son (Rand) but at least we know how the father feels. “No way” sounds pretty definite to me. Now it’s time to expose the fraud that is Mitt Romney. If the public only knew to what extent that Mitt Romney is whacked out in the head, they would choose anyone (even Obama) over this clown.
    I know that Dr. Paul wants the delegates in Tampa to be respectful toward Romney but why? Short of Obama turning out to be an axe murderer, Romney does not stand a chance against him. Why will the RNC waste its resources and the contributions of its members on a lame duck candidate that will lose in the tradition of Bob Dole in 1996.It’s over Romnry!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Dr. Ron Paul 2012 write-in vote ..!
    Restore America Now!
    Romney is NOT for America!
    No Gary Johnson .. that’ll just split votes .. Of course no barry nobama either!
    Dr. Ron Paul is our last chance to regain our country and our freedoms! Ron Paul 2012 write-in vote ..! Restore America Now!

  • Ron Paul wants to fix the GOP, most of us in America have a much easier way to fix the GOP. Vote out the crooks, we did it in 2008 and they learned NOTHING, they still do nothing but attack middle class and cater to global corporations.. VOTE OUT ALL GOP / TP.

  • If this American presidency thing doesn’t work out, I’d love this guy as Prime Minster of Australia.
    Fuck Julia Gillard MAN!

  • Romney doesn’t have a chance against Obama, but Ron Paul would clearly defeat Obama. This was clear from an expert analysis of the polls. The RNC knows this and it shows they have more loyalty to the NWO agenda than even to their own party.

  • This are unproven allegations! I follow some obscure blogs (in German and French) who cover the situation, they even translate content that is available only in Syrian, and according to these reports it SEEMS that more of the massacres have been committed by the “rebels” than by armed forces. But these are mostly local gangs of thugs certainly not Al-Qaeda. Religious and tribal conflicts and personal vendettas fuel the violence while the lines between combatants become increasingly blurred.

  • finally people can stfu about Ron Paul endorsing Mitt Romney always got something to bitch about!!