Ron Paul: There’s “No Way” I’m Ready to Endorse Romney

  • paul or nothing!

  • robin

    Rule 40-The cat is out of the bag in case you didn’t hear about this.

    Anything is possible at the convention….Praying daily for divine justice…

  • Projecting much?

  • If i ever found your cocksucking, trolling, shitmouthed self, i would strangle you with barbed wire.

  • Bernake is a Stooge, Clown.

  • Do you even read what you type? First you said “The central bank can print money out of thin air when the country is on the gold standard.” Then you said “They merely lower the reserve requirement.” That’s NOT what is meant when someone says “print money out of thin air”. Printing money out of think air is the printing of money that is backed by nothing at all. With the gold standard, there is only enough money printed that could be backed by the value of the gold the US held.

  • And to teach you druggies to stop putting Ron Paul 2012 on our Mitt Romney channel you sore losers.


  • America actually isn’t turning towards socialism, it’s more like fascism. The difference is is that in socialism the government basically has ownership over the mean of production. What fascism is is the government controls the economy but leaves the ownership in private hands. Think about it, whenever a boon in the economy happens the government takes credit for it. But whenever things go bad (i.e. depressions, recessions) it’s the free market’s fault. It’s the perfect cover-up.

  • I disliked this video because Ron Paul sucks.

  • Ron Paul has greatly influenced many people and really founded the whole Liberty Movement today. You could say the same thing about Thomas Paine. While George Washington was credited with carrying out the American Revolution, it was Thomas Paine who started it with “Common Sense”, the writing that sparked the Revolution.

  • The central bank can print money out of thin air when the country is on the gold standard. They merely lower the reserve requirement. You don’t know anything about monetary policy. The war on drugs reduces drug abuse. The people who are in prison are scum bags who violate many laws and merely get busted for dope. There are no honest people who abuse drugs. It’s all the scum of the earth. They should be locked away. The 4th only prohibits “unreasonable” searches. you got nothing.

  • 9 Fascists and 9 Communists disliked this video.

  • agreed

  • How is the war on drugs a good thing? All it does is cost tax payers billions and inflate prisons with tons of drug users. Patriot Act keeping America safe? Are you sure it’s not threatening the American people by allowing the federal government to spy on you and raid your home without a search warrant? Bringing back the gold standard idiotic? Although i may not fully agree it, I still feel that it’s a better solution rather than allowing a central bank too print money out of thin air.

  • The problem is we Republicans thought Paul was a joke candidate and didn’t vote for him we aren’t Liberal bleeding heart Pussies like you he would have had a better chance if he’d run as a Democrat.

  • You know nothing. Typical sheep. Bernake is more powerful than the president himself. Do alittle more research on free market economies. I don’t have the time nor the patience to educate you. Unless your for socialism which by your last comment. It much shows that you are.

  • How about the wolf blitzer he is getting good at being an asshole and a whole ass.

  • I could keep on going my friend but let me give you the biggest accomplished of them all, HE WOKE ME UP. He woke me up to the message of Liberty and what the Founder’s vision really was for this country. Now if you consider what Obama and everyone else has done, NDAA, Patriot Act, endless wars, big government spending, intrusion in personal affairs, etc., if you consider all of those accomplishments, then you have my sympathy sir. Now let’s ask, what have you done for Liberty Mr. FreeDUMB?

  • Seriously? Haha okay, received a higher rating for defending constitutional liberty from the ACLU then Obama, earned the title Dr. No for opposing anti-liberty and big spending legislation, has voted against all foreign aid and continues to, has never voted to raise taxes on any American including YOU, voted against and gave an emphatic speech opposing the NDAA and the Patriot Act, has chosen not to participate in the congressional pension program etc. I could go on FOR DAYS….

  • You no if I watch some trivial crap on here I never have any problems. When I try to watch something that the establishment is not to keen on the public hearing I get loads of problems!! I watched this video in segments because six times it shut down stating “An error occured”. Go figure!!