Ron Paul: There’s “No Way” I’m Ready to Endorse Romney

  • Yeah, I can vote since a few years ago. And guess what if Obozo fixes the immigration issue guess who I’m voting for?? Paul should go back to practice medicine and do something productive. The decrepit man has no place in the White House.


  • It’s unfortunate that you can vote, you call me a stupid Paul Fool and then agree that you have no brain. I have nothing further to add.

  • He is not just a loser, he is a stupid loser. The GOP people already made their choice, the large majority did not pick Paul because they see him as an appeaser as Obozo. Paul is the ultimate example of the sore loser…… He is done he just doesn’t want to break his dilusional supporters hearts… thats all..

  • Romney should drop out

  • It is a damn shame that Ron Paul will not win this election because we really need him and his ideals. Americans are such ignorant ass cattle. Romney is no different than Obama, and people can not see that. Why damn it? Our country is about to crumble like Rome. I am not voting this election.

  • Because the game is rigged.

  • You seem to be looking forward for tyranny.

  • Vomitt Rmoney blows.

  • You know therz gonna be a riot if mitt flipflopany winz.
    Ron paul has such dedicated followerz an so many no wonder y, ron p is a reall mutha fucka an he will fix this breaking country.

  • everyone stop bitching..people should know by now how arrogant human beings really are..the only way americans will ever learn is a mass genocide in america..sacrifice is always needed for change which is very fukkin sad and plus if ron paul becomes u really think hes gonna last a week in the office without gettin shot?

  • they just don’t understand how trully corrupt the media is…

  • Go Ron Paul 2012 !!

  • Ron Paul is a freaking loser there is no way in hell he’ll win anything stupid Paul fools. I might not have a brain but I’m not a coward like Paul and I can vote ha ha ha…

  • Then you’re a fuck head, and no one cares what you think, because you obviously have no brain. Fuck off!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • Put Ron Paul in the White House, not over until the convention, don’t listen to the propaganda. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!

  • I completely agree. People don’t take government serious anymore. A good amount of the people that get into it don’t get in for the right reasons and a lot of people who actually care about where our country goes can’t even make it through because of the corruption. People just care about electing the people that look the best because everyone is interested in glory and so forth.

  • The convention is just the official appointment for Romney as the Republican candidate for the presidency. There is no way is hell that Paul will win any support in Tampa. Paul’s appeasement estrategy was his undoing. I would vote for Bush again before I vote for Paul…

  • biased media coverage and slander, they also lie like a mother fucker, they are in-consistant and sociopathic liars, they are going to destroy america from the inside, im pissed and angry about this. Every single media elite deserves to by hung on capitol hill for sedition and treason!

  • they lied about the crowd size romney had and didn’t ever cover ron pauls rallys, so that 70% of fucking ignorant americans followed like stupid sheep who the puppet media wanted to win… It pisses me off how dumb down our nation has become, 236 years to this date and we have gone from scholars to sheep…. pathetic, people need to honestly care more about the freedom that they have and become more educated…..

  • If Paul isn’t the nominee, don’t just give up and not vote. Vote Gary Johnson. Just as you once did for Dr Paul, do yourself a favor and google Gary Johnson. You’re a libertarian, we’ll prove it to you.