Ron Paul: There’s “No Way” I’m Ready to Endorse Romney

  • What is wrong with his foreign policy?

  • Ron Paul will not win because Americans are fucking idiots. We will have Obama or Romney fucking this country up. I feel there is no hope.


  • if the citizens gives the worth to the money, why the FED is lending our money to us all all over the world with interests which we have to pay back?

  • but he might win the delegates lol if that happens lmao

  • If he wins Nebraska he can be nominated from the convention floor.

  • Hell with the repubs, RP should be Gary Johnson’s VP pick! (looking at my crystal ball)

  • why not vote for Paul? Don’t give up so soon.

  • I agree!!!

  • I agree!!!

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul and so are millions of others. Don’t pay any attention to the nay sayers.

  • Why? I’m not even American, but every vote counts for ron, and it’s never to late (:

  • Not enough to support Paul for me…..

  • You do realize that foreign policy is why we are bankrupt. 4 trillion for 10 years of “democracy”. How his the current foreign policy working out for us? 8000 americans killed, that’s 4 times the amount on 9/11. The country is bankrupt, 18 soldiers commit suicide everyday, they are given medication with SUICIDE as a side affect, the people here at home are suffering from the debt crisis. Why in the blue hell would we not try to mind our business so we don’t bankrupt the entire fucking country???

  • i guess you underestimate the power of ron paul and his supporters..ron paul has more supporters and more votes then obamney combined…obama is dead beat and romney is a flip flopper, wake up and see the puppets…obamney are nothing but puppets, they are trying to take away our rights and make america into a dictatorship..wake up..

  • fuck obama..and romney…

    ron paul 2012

  • the loser is just a ten year old troll trying to get attention…another sheeple that is too blind to see the truth..the loser will regret voting for him..

    ron paul 2012


  • I already said that what kills him is his foreign policy, that is it. It is just not cool to be an appeaser nowdays. By the time the old sheep die, Mr Paul might not be here around anymore. His son is not as crazy as he is. Im sure Rand Paul will be a better politician than Ron. I’m younger than 30 yet I don’t seem to like paul that much and Im sure there are a lot other “young people” that disagree with him.

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  • here me romney should dropped out