Ron Paul: There’s “No Way” I’m Ready to Endorse Romney

  • I second the motion!!! I am sure_ AMERICA will wait till this violent storm is over!!! Till all these corrupt personalities were all gone…..those are not leaders_ all are pretending to be!! Bunch of Liars/Manipulators and Deceivers!!! “)

  • And Jesse Benton and his hubris need to be fired Dr Paul!!!

  • Romney hides in a corner as Sanitarium,and Grinch fight it out. Then Romney becomes the nominee? Bullshit. Ron Paul is the true nominee! Be very afraid you GOP pukes. CNN can go pound sand. We will take Tampa!


  • Uh, ever hear of the Holocaust and America’s promise of “never again” to the Jewish people? Ever read the bible?

  • There should be a line for that under the rest of the candidates. Also consider libertarian Gary Johnson, governor of New Mexico.

  • Ron Paul Revolution

  • …the story of our nation has always ultimately been the fight against zionism. no candidate can win without bowing to them. it is an awful truth. but, dr paul dared to try. he knows who runs the show, and he boldly dares to wrest the power away from them. and he is right. this freedom movement will win. it has to. true americans have had enough of our great nation being dominated by a foreign power. we want our govt, our media, everything back. and we will not stop till we get it…

  • Hell yeah RP. Wolf blitzer can suck it.

  • “Don’t you appreciate the fact that Romney’s going to have 1144 delegates for the nomination?”
    Ron Paul -“Well what’s he going to achieve?”

    Lol Ron is a Boss!!

  • “What’s he going to achieve?” Lol Ron Paul is such a boss tellin it how it is!

  • did u ever wonder WHY the media hates dr paul ?

    the media must work for the govt, or whoever controls the govt.
    u r right, they do, and are controlled by zionists…all our media is, and zionists run the white house, congress, etc..

    this is the missing “link” that explains everything…

    …Dr. Ron Paul truly stands for America First, not israel first, and the “powers-that-be” hate him for it…that is the real story of this whole election…always was.

  • And how’s that any different with Diebold et al. counting the votes?

  • i can’t wait to hear his speech

  • Fuck all you chumps going to Tampa to suck Romney’s ass

  • Fuck all you chumps going to Tampa to suck Romney’s ass

  • Perhaps when the whole thing collapses and everyone is thrown out, we can put him in there as the first president of the United States of America II. 😀

  • Yeah….a speech. That’s what we are fighting for, Wolf. We work for table scraps.

  • Romney didn’t cheat, his owners, our government did.

  • Remeber, wolf is a nwobot

  • I love Ron Paul but you have to have so many write ins before they are even I will glbe voting for my second choice Gary Johnson