Ron Paul: Syria Is None of Our Business

  • This world is full of very sick people, especially those who we trust as our own..Who knows what is America and Israel’s agenda w/ the middle east revolution


  • Wow. What has happened to our educational system. Have you never heard of the Tribes of Israel? Jews are a race, they were a tribe in Israel. The Jews left Israel and crossed the red sea and the Jewish Diaspora scattered them across the globe. But even if they weren’t the comment would still be bigoted and would still cause people to question Paul by the actions of his supporters. He had a supporter write something under his name 20 yrs ago and loses votes today as a result.

  • Syrians have to fight theire own fight, don’t count on USA to install pro US regime, that would be just wrong !

  • Why doesn’t Ajami go to war himself if he feels it’s so important?

  • John McCain should retire and never speak again.

  • yes i agree totally that all of the suicide bombers are sent in from saudi arabia and the funds. the weapons are coming from nato, the u.s and israel. the way they funnel the weapons and suicide bombers is through the turkish border. these acts by nato, the u.s, israel and turkey are totally horrible terrorist acts

  • o forgot dosent matter if its black and white its still on the same peace of paper. belive in are selves

  • Almost everything that we have poked our nose into went to hell. Examples is Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, ect.

  • Because we’re humans…..surely you don’t think americans are more important than Syrians?

  • i agree and not only do i agree its getting more simple so see a scam. by the fed and to see threw the lies. even the dummies know its a scam.

  • Because he’s crazy and no one likes him

  • Yes, because if HItler never invaded anyone and w knew about the Holocaust we should have watched and done nothing. What greatness that would show about humanity

  • t’s almost funny how none of you retards actually know what an internet troll is. If anything, that guy’s the troll as none of hat he said was factually correct, just like his username. But I really shouldn’t be surprised should I? You’re obviously not able of rational thought if you support ron paul so clearly you wouldn’t understand how retarded you all are.

  • trying to get us back to another war. let the two asses how started it fight to the death.if they mite get kill they will rethink about having war all the dam time. solve it that way you to fight it off

  • People like you are the reason we, Ron Paul fans, are hated by everyone else.

  • How is his comment Racist?

    Jews aren’t a race.

  • You mean Israel and American Zionists, use the US.

    Other than that you are correct.

  • Racist comments do nothing but convince the world that whoever you support is just as much a racist as you.. not all blacks, whites, Jews, Asians or any other race think the same thing. To refer to any of those groups as though they all think the same is racist, and makes you look stupid, and anyone you support less credible.

  • That’s my President!

  • Just like all the other Lame Stream Media organizations.

    They’re a lying, dying breed.

    Good riddance.