Ron Paul: Syria Is None of Our Business

  • Why should I, as an Englishman, care about what happens around the rest of the World.

    Unless an enemy is climbing up the cliffs of Dover, what as it to do with us. Likewise, why should the US Government feel the urge to butt in when it is not directly threatened.

    No wonder the US and UK are so fucking hated. Sooner I leave this shit hole country the better !!!

  • Dr. Paul is not finished until he quits. If he quits, I suspect he will support Gary Johnson. And so will I. I really hope he runs 3rd party though.

  • but we should support democratic aspirations of the syrian people. don’t forget that Imperial France helped us American rebels when we fought against the British. Did they do it because they loved us? No, because they saw a strategic advantage.

    Interventions have been a part of our history since the founding of the nation. We should never fight a land war in Asia, but we should support democratic aspirations. Even when russia is crushing them.

  • Syria is NOT a direct threat to our national security! George Washington himself warned about foreign entanglements. Syria has nothing we even need. Very little oil, natural resources. We need to stay out and mind our own business

  • dont vote for ron paul. he is finnished. vote for Gary Johnson. he’s like ron paul but without all the religious bull shit

  • I will still vote Ron Paul in November The idea of the American opinion meaning absolutely nothing in Washington has just gone too far. We are looking more and more communist every day.

    Ron Paul 2012


  • No they’re just covering their ass for all the months they ignored him. Lose 50% of your veiwership in less then a quarter, and watch what new hoops you’ll jump threw to get it back. Still don’t change they’re lieing assholes, that have abused the people by feeding them crap time n time again to keep them from acknowledging what Really is going on! One of the worst things in this country, above war mongers, crooked corps and theiving bankers, bought and paid for News stations feeding propaganda.

  • Yeah, fugg choice. Make every young man and woman, get out there on the battle field and die so these rich guys can make all types of loot. If we give them NO choice, we can wage war everywhere! If they don’t die, kick them out to go to Mc’d’s and flip some burgers! Screw their health care, and disability too! They don’t need it, and the burger clown can cover it. Screw em all, give em a gun, and send them to the front lines, even if we have to make those lines. So Patriotic we will be!

  • lol cnn is starting to recognize and respect ron paul
    and the reason is he may be running the country for all they know

  • lol cnn is starting to recognize and respect ron paul
    and the reason is he may be running the country for all they know

  • “There hasn’t been very much US involvement at all yet..” – You
    “There has been US involvement in the whole region for 60 years.” – Me
    Simple enough for you?

  • Surfisher

    The BO or Rmoney?

    Voting for either one of them would be like buying used underwear….

  • RON PAUL! run as a third party candidate!

  • FOR CHRIST’S SAKE ! Ron MUST run as the 3rd party candidate. The other TWO CLOWNS are out to Murder America !
    Ron ! Ron ! Ron ! Ron ! Ron ! Ron ! Ron ! Ron !

  • Thanks for the upload. See the true top 10 presidents in history on my home page. Maybe if newly elected presidents would follow in prior presidents footsteps things can improve in this country.

  • Ron Paul is right! We are bankrupt and overextended as a Nation! We need to maintain a strong Blue Water Navy but we need to pull back from just about every foreign base and troop presence and fix our own darn Country!

  • Ron Paul is so right! People only want to start wars in the middle east to gain control over their oil! Thats what all the problems with Iran have been about. Its not about the poor injured children (which, yes, is very tragic, however a lot of these deaths are caused by us bombing them), the children were only shown as propoganda, so that we could look into the kindness of our hearts and start a war to kill more people.

  • Guy s I’m being sarcastic. I actually love Ronny

  • I disagree – we don’t need a huge military to act as the police force for the planet . We are in almost every country in the world , and they enjoy our protection at our expense . We have been in wars for a decade and it has only resulted in loss of lives , disability of thousands of young men , and bankrupted our economy. I DO agree with your view of how we would (rightfully) react if China butted into our business . Ron Paul is the only peace candidate -it’s a shame he can’t be our pres.

  • The difference is that Romney admitted we would probably have troops on the ground in Syria and Iran. He says Obama is too slow to react.
    Our Soldiers are screwed either way. We need to pray for their safety and for Ron Paul to get in there and END THESE WARS!