Ron Paul: Syria Is None of Our Business

  • ever time i heard the name ron paul i think of a renewed faith of mankind and america. RON PAUL 2012!


  • McCain is a zionist puppet. He’ll be more than happy to shed the blood of other people’s children for his occult society goals.

  • GO RON PAUL! Greetings from Brazil.

  • If the Libertarian party can get on all 50 Presidential State ballots, other alternative Parties can do the same! I wonder if the lamestream media is going to allow Gary Johnson to enter the Presidential debates with Obama and Romney? I think there will be major protest if he is excluded from the debates

  • Do not listen to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a traitor and a coward. Mitt Romney will invade Syria and Iran his first week of office. We can pay for the invasions with the oil we secure for International Oil Companies. Mitt Romney is very rich and a Mormon so he deserves your vote. In the name of our Lord and Savior Joseph Smith let us support Honest Mitt Romney. Amen.

  • Amen!

  • Watch Tarpley, Jones: The Great Debate! Alex jones channel! Ron Paul is a Freemason! You all need to wake up! They are all under the same rulers!!

  • As usual. Lucidity and honesty from the good Congressman. Hopefully we can stop another war and bring all our troops home from the middle-east soon

    Ron Paul is kind of honest man we need in the White House

  • i am issuing a warning to any patriot of humanity that is watching; any time you hear “the”, “all,” or “everyone in this movement” etc etc is misleading you with rhetoric.

    are there hard line salafists to be found in this revolution? u bet. are there freedom-seeking individuals, drawn to fight against the govt. because of its crackdown or otherwise, you bet.

    that’s about as simple as i can describe a complex situation.


  • You should remember the lost gospels of the bible where jesus share the secret knowledge with Judas. What jesus christ said was that anybody on this planet can become a Messiah. So in my opinion Ron Paul is the Messiah of the american people who do not understand the military complex and their agenda on the american empire an foreign politics. Let this messiah lead you, oh america!

  • you do realize that that the syrian opposition are hard line salafists backed by the US/Saudi arabia who are slaughtering civilians.. it’s not the regime who is killing people, it’s the othe way around they are defending them.

  • PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO —————> watch?v=jsVdpfDUWvE

  • Paul is the true and only competition for Obama.

  • No, that was not my premise you idiot. The premise is that the US has a proven track record of pursuing policies that benefit not just the US but the entire world. China does not have that record. You asked what would happen if China landed on our shores.You’re just another idiot looking for Ron Paul to wipe your ass and change your diapers. Sit down and shut up bitch. Learn how to think for yourself.

  • You’re the Stupid Fuck. Your premise is “The guy with the biggest stick can tell everyone else what to do”. What happens when a guy with a bigger stick comes along? Do you know how big China is? (retard) Do you know how advanced their military is? (retard) You’re school yard bully philosophy will only take you so far. (dumb ass) We’ve played the peace keeper role quite a bit and done it right sometimes…you must be blind and gullible to think we don’t meddle where we don’t need to.

  • I agree with you. Maybe a 3 year military tour of duty was the wrong idea, but a 3 year tour of National Service (Many countries have that) like National Guard or Homeland Security. Helping in disaster area’s in the US…wildfires, earthquakes or storms.

  • Hmmm…I hadn’t really thought of the logistics of it. I do know that several countries have mandatory service (Norway, Greece, Finland, Denmark to name a few) and they call it National Service. I imagine new recruits might get paid less for their first tour of duty, and probably have a higher turn over rate. Overall I think the program would give young citizens the perspective of “working for the good of their nation”.

  • It seems hypicritical when some Paulists say that Obama needs to go, but then say that they won’t vote in November.

  • You can bet this fouad ajami guy is a CIA minion