Ron Paul: Syria Is None of Our Business

  • move to fucking Canada… eh? πŸ˜€

  • Why do they say “Obama putting pressure on Putin” ? as if Putin will get scared and listen to Obama… I just don’t get why CNN has to say this this way, If i was Putin and saw this I would get mad…Obama is a cock sucker.

  • Why? Because your country is one of the most evil in the whole history. So you must fix what your ancestors did. And what your people doing now.

  • I love Ron Paul he is pissing on the Bush Administration and the secret governments plans πŸ™‚


  • Send our kids to kill the banksters instead.

  • yah, he said bleeding to ellicit sympathy from the dumg goyim sheeple and that’s all it takes. Send your kids over, the banksters need to sacrifice them

  • The US and British government are terrorist*

  • What a lot of people around the World need to realise is that the US and UK governments don’t necessarily reflect the will of the people they are supposed to represent.

    I agree with the poster below, although we are probably poles apart in many other ways.


  • these are all excuses to create military bases around the world. The US and UK are terrorist, imperialistic nations, but are embarrassed to be depicted as “bad guys” and colonialists, so they use subterfuge to create military bases to plunder oil and other resources.

  • Well, you really should leave the UK. I think when the whole thing crashs (Dollar, Euro, Pounds..) the Britains will be hit hardest.
    Your economy is addicted to imports, i think especially food..

  • You and me my friend shall move into Canada. Where they are independent and awesomely nice to fellow immigrants. Also, I remember fighting the enemy on the Dover Cliffs…in Secret Weapons Over Normandy…So many German planes caught us by surprise. There was no way to stop them from attacking us, so we used their own guns against them! We flew into the Dover cliffs, by New Romney, and we ran into so many BF109’s. Thank goodness to the RAF.

    A child at heart.

  • Eh? So the guy at the end’s argument is basically we should intervene because we haven’t intervened yet?

  • I think it’s just a case of warpped ideas. I mean, as a human, I can see why the big countries would want to help what they see as people suffering. The problem is when the morons in charge abuse that idea and we end up, well where we are now lol.

  • Well if that’s all you have to complain about then it sounds like heaven to me haha. I could give you a shit list full of things wrong with the UK, it would literally make your kneecaps explode!

  • mate dont come here, im even wanting to get out, it is turning into america 2.0 as the days go by, og and a ding bat red headed female jew is our prime minister, she fucked here way in and backstabbed our elected pm to steal his position, she claimed carbon tax would never come in, months later she was pushing it threw courts against the ppls voice and now we are the first counrty to have this bs scandal, oh but they gave me $100 dollars other week to sell it cant be all bad…

  • I hear you mate. Australia is the way forward.

  • How….. how in gods green earth IS THIS MAN NOT PRESIDENT!
    Mainstream…… WHY U SO FUCKING STUPID!

  • I’m gonna have to get a bigger coach πŸ˜€

  • Can I come with you?