Ron Paul: I’m the Best Protector of Social Security – I’ll Cut Overseas Spending Instead

  • That’s what I thought until the fraud in Republican Party.

  • That’s what I thought until the fraud in Republican Party.

  • Paul Ryan’s last name is Ryan, not Paul.

  • There is no social contract. Sides, he said that he was the best protector of the program to take care of people. That we have taught to be so dependent, I don’t think that you pay more then you get out tho. The whole program is designed to fail and it always will, govt isn’t capable of managing the program.

  • This “Social Contract” Doesn’t work, cuz the socialism doesn’t work. Where’s social security now? It’s Broke the govt stole it, and it eventually ends up where the dependency boat with people on welfare gets so heavy. That it can no longer be paid for, and you’re seeing that now they are already saying that there aren’t enough young people working to take care of the people who are retiring. The people in their 50’s now the boomer generation, That asshole took a cheap shot at Ron. Ron is right.

  • Gary Johnson 2012! The reason us Ron Paul fans must vote for Gary Johnson is because in order to make liberty candidates electable, we need to establish our own party, or Libertarian party, where we care about the Liberties our founding gave us. More votes for the Libertarian party allows more funding. More funding creates more media exposure as well as greater credibility to our liberty movement. Vote Libertarian to support Ron Paul’s beliefs and shift away from the bi-partisan dictatorship!


  • go ron paul save usa whites and the for fathers ,hollywood wont