Ron Paul: I’m the Best Protector of Social Security – I’ll Cut Overseas Spending Instead

  • A leader is a man that people want to follow. I think the support from other countries is proof of Ron Pauls natural leadership.

    I also enjoyed the fact that this was a fair and ballanced interview. They asked him if it was ok for them to ask about Mitt Romney. Ther either respect him, don’t consider him a threat any more, or fear his supporters.

  • Social Security began as retirement for workers because corporations and small businesses did not offer any retirement plans at all. So, SS began as a good idea in its original purpose. However, Liberals started giving the retirement funds away to pregnant teenage girls, dope addicts, gay people with AIDS & all kinds of irresponsible parasites- like Octo-Mom in California. Plus Reagan financed wars with SS funds.
    Just kick the parasites off & leave it for poor retired workers.

  • thank you that does make sense, now that tells me this woman is an idiot :).

  • Ron Paul has opted out of the Congressional Pension plan. The sanctimonious airhead needs to do some homework.


  • What they don’t understand is that ANYONE who pays for social security will, because of how the scheme works and with inflation, get less out of it than they paid into it.

    So it does make sense. It just takes a little bit of extra thinking-

    And why in the world would anyone who enjoys the few actual “benefits” of the state freely give them up for himself only, just because he would want them completely faced out?

  • SLOW DOWN DEAR DOCTOR. I’m not even sure I can THINK that fast.

  • Actually almost everyone will end up pulling more out than they put in. That is why the system is insolvent. If everyone was putting more in than they pulled out there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • He may get a social security check, but he doesn’t allow for extra security detail, fly first class, or accept a congressional pension once he retires.

  • Sure it is, Think of this, You pay in all your working life. Without doing the math. Lets say you pay in 1 mil over the span of your working life. The retirement age is 65, they will move this number to 70 or 75 by the time you retire. So from say 70 till death, do you think you will get the 1 mil back…. hell no, Its a scam on all of us.

  • The people who are going to do that are already doing that… so what difference does it make?

  • Welcome to you in Poland! As Ron Paul says: Freedom is popular. And I agree with you, always a struggle. Nice to know there are so many of us around the world.

  • Amen to that!

  • Sorry my frend! Why? I’m not sure of my own reaction for freedom! I need whip to know what to do 🙁

  • Exactly, I’m with you. I think that even if you’re against people doing drugs though, there’s enough reason to legalize and regulate them.

  • Exactly, in fact were still winning states like Iowa for example and then on top of the wins. Delegates are suing the GOP, so there are many factors here that in play that can change this whole game around, If Paul doen’t become president he will no doubt have a huge voice at the convention. The convention and this election is just a Battle, We will win the war. This is a movement that will not be silenced and is a force that will keep building. This is just the beginning of what will take place

  • Message of liberty is universal. Canada for Ron Paul!!

  • If drugs were legal, would you shoot yourself full of heroin and go drive?

  • actually if they wanted access to drugs they should be anti paul, they have great access to drugs in the illegal market now but if they became legal, went to stores and put dealers out of business then how would young kids buy them from stores? In fact it is harder for kids to get alcohol than pot yet alcohol is the legal one.

  • Thank you Australia! Your support and encouragement are very welcome. Our struggle for Liberty and Constitutional Government goes on….

  • Maybe it’s time it does.