Ron Paul: I’m the Best Protector of Social Security – I’ll Cut Overseas Spending Instead

  • The gold based system the U.S. consitution refers to only applies to the government, which is fine. I don’t care what they do. At the time the Federal Reserve Act was passed, there were over 3000 different currencies in use. Now, that’s the way it should be… People argued that the Fed made that more stable, but within a few short years, the country had the worst depression of all time (1929), so the Fed has made the situation worse. The power to create money must go back to the people.


  • Well, corporatism is perhaps the worst form of capitalism. A gold based system is how we got fractional reserve banking. Gold is open to manipulation. I don’t know why if we go back to that it would work again. What people fail to understand is that we don’t need any system. We should be able to trade any currency or commodity or representation we want. In time, the market will decide which standards people want to use. That is illegal at the moment, due to corrupt bankers and politicians

  • You can’t even bake a cake without consistency, how the hell does anyone think voting for an inconsistent candidate is going to get them their cake?

  • I heard that man say 23 of 28! I never heard 20 maybe I’m mistaken.

  • Holy crap, Ron is so awesome that he got 23 of the states 20 delegates!

  • dude thinks he’s so fucking smart…”Do you get a social security check?” after paying into a program for 50+ years, Ron Paul is getting back a part of what was taken from him… at a reduced value!

  • Continued….
    The Feds had no authority to use YOUR money to fund anyone’s “personal pension” plan! Nor should they!!

  • Omg, of course Dr. Paul is getting back the money the government FORCED him to give them. Duh.

    And someone here needs to go learn the difference between “SS” and “private pension.” One we are FORCED to pay into, and one is VOLUNTARY. Paul had no CHOICE in the matter of SS being taken from him by threat of violence. It was his CHOICE not to participate in Congress’s pension plan, which of course he declined “because” it is a TAX PAYER FUNDED program. The Feds had no authority to use YOUR mone

  • this man will go down in history as one of the greatest….

  • I forgot how much I missed these videos! Welcome back ronpaul2008dotcom!

  • Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!

  • What’s interesting is that Sam called Ron on Social Security. I think that was a good thing, although notice that Ron had a straight answer for him? Ron Paul is a statesman, pure and simple. I’m a Utahn, and I support Ron Paul. 🙂

  • The lady outright called him an “out-liar”

    Arrogant word choices that show They mock U.S… .
    They make U.S. “In-STAND” more instantly than ever.
    She is foe-are-given
    We know the guise!
    He is ASS-KING, hurt who speak for him.

    For WE SMART!

    For HE DUMB!

    FOR FREEDOM!!!!!

  • SS is socialist and always has been

    • Ice Saya

      Who is SS that you are speaking of?

      I just wrote a big ssh!-he-it on the SS of nazi germany, and how many of them wound up living in America.

      They traded technology for amnesty back in the day.

  • Good Men Do Win Frist.God bless Dr Paul.Truth Is Powerfull.

  • If i’d be an American, I’d vote for Ron Paul! I’m polish, unfortunately i have to go to UK to work. I wish my country to be a free and strong state. USA should go back to their constitution! Freedom for every responsible person!

  • RP is the only politician I know of that makes any sense. The rest are all on the take.

  • I think he was shocked by how stupid the question was. Almost like he was thinking, “that is your got ya question? It must be some kind of trick or angle”..

  • God I wish Dr. Paul thought faster on his feet. When that moron told him that he should set a good example by declining his SS payments Dr. Paul should have turned it around and told him the he never once voted for a pay raise for himself AND that he declined his Congressional pension! how many politicians would do those things, huh retard?!?

    • Ice Saya

      He is not a spring chicken


      He had no choice in having to pay into it, thus is why he now collects it.

      He wants to change the part about, not having had, the choice.

  • Ron paul – consistency & principal
    Rand paul – discourse & rhetoric