Ron Paul: I’m the Best Protector of Social Security – I’ll Cut Overseas Spending Instead

  • Same here…ex democrat that is. Not that long ago even.

  • I was unaware that the Democrats finally want to cut back the national government and support the rights of states and individuals.

  • Democrats for Ron Paul!


  • if i cant see Ron Paul in BBC so what, I have my way here

  • God Be With You, Dr. Ron Paul!

    AMERICA NEEDS DR. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT BADLY! Its crazy out here with our economy sucks and most of our jobs sent over seas and somehow people are now budgeting more particularly nowadays about their employees. Most people are holding their jobs for dear life and others are scrambling because they lost their jobs because of the increase age of retirement. If no one retires, its harder for people that has no jobs find jobs in reasons of too many people at a company. America needs to fight back their liberty! We need to get rid all the crooks in the government out now! I fed up! What happen to the reason of impeachment? Does anyone know? The are more of us Americans compared to the government! Please Dr. Paul, I hope you win the November election! What’s even worse, some of us that don’t have jobs have to work for nothing like volunteering to even be consider getting any job that pays nowadays but not even knowing if one would get a job! If you have job that pays, be thankful! I totally agree on opting out from Obamacare! Patients deserve better! For one thing, some of us can live off of insursance for a long time. Why should we get taxed for it?! That’s just basically hurting people’s money and that’s wrong! Im not entirely sure why we should cut SS. I mean I know some people are greatly dependant on it. Medicare and SS should be untouch though I think. I mean what are we spending here. The whole situation is not seemed to be told entirely. I do not understand why we should cut that out if people work so hard for it. Eventually everyone gets old and sick at some point and then what? I still support Ron Paul, I just don’t understand that concept. Definetly stop overseas spending for sure! Compared to other candiates, I support Ron Paul. Although there might be some disagreements with SS.

  • These show hosts, and the general public do not realize or understand that it is not about the party, its about the constitution and liberty.

  • wow, he pays more into SS than what he gets out of SS. madness!!

  • Im pretty sure the way hes running hes going to make it

  • Im pretty sure the way hes running hes going to make it

  • Welcome, Spain! Wish you all could vote in the US!

  • Realpolitik at it’s best. I would be embarrassed to be one of these media cronies who pretend that they actually stand for something. For his entire career, Ron Paul has been asking such people to follow the principles of what once made America great; Yet these presstitutes shrug it off because they’ve sold themselves to the highest bidder. Ron Paul’s logic makes them look like a bunch of fools. They are either mentally numb, or sellouts. I think it’s the latter.

  • Spain for ron paul here too !! Revolution!

  • You can bet that they wouldn’t have asked such a nasty question to Mitt Romney!

  • Greetings from Philippines! You’re the best politician I ever know Mr. Paul!

    I’m tired watching my country sucking america’s dick!

  • No, it doesn’t. It just shows that he’s lawfully getting back some of the money that was for decades stolen from him in the first place. What he’s trying to do is let the young people avoid having their money stolen from them, because they will most likely get nothing back, ever. There is absolutely no hypocrisy in that. Irrational people will however try to pin it on him, as if that was supposed to discredit everything he says. Such backwards logic and irrational thinking is dangerous.

  • I can’t believe there are people who still think 9/11 happened because of people in a cave. The gov’ hates us wake up!

  • I’m sorry I couldn’t understand you. Could you repeat that? You had shit spraying out your mouth.

  • I agree!

  • I fucking hate alex wagner soooooooo much. she has sucked alot of dick and sat on even more

  • if u vote this man u have the respect of all of europe

    • Victor

      We’re not worried about the respect of Europe. Be on your way.