Ron Paul Supporters Are Taking Over the Republican Party

  • Is that a dude..?

  • “…it’s pointless to argue for a government where corporations have no control…”

    I’m not, don’t strawman me. What I’m asking is how RP would keep them from controlling (as in dominating) government, given that they posses most of the capital vis a vis people.

    “now you’re talking about financial regulations, which is…different…”.

    No, it isn’t. You’ve said there’d be a limiting effect to controlling government. Corporations spending their capital on lobbying is part of controlling govt.

  • Before addressing the above, I’d like to ask you to address the question I’ve been asking since the beginning, i.e., “Given that corporations hold most of the capital, how would Paul’s government ensure corporations won’t control government?”. Empty rhetoric like, “limited government is to limit…control over the rest” is very unsatisfactory, given that, for example, it assumes that corporations with all their capital and people are equally affected by limitations imposed by government

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    that said, you obviously didnt understand my answer i’ll explain one more time: it’s pointless to argue for a government where corporations have no control since corporations are among many others that lobby for power in a democratic government

    “If you’re imposing…a limit on corporations and what they wish to do with their capital… then you’re creating a state which limits the “free” market.”

    now you’re talking about financial regulations, which is a different subject altogether

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    “With this claim you run into a problem, because a government that limits is a government of force … ‘imposes’ limits on what RP calls “liberty”.”

    have to call strawman on that one since no government can practically exist without force, and paul certainly isn’t advocating anarchism.

  • >Wahh, capitalism is evil, people shouldn’t be allowed to own property

  • Part 2 of 2

    If you’re imposing (See: Forcing) a limit on corporations and what they wish to do with their capital, e.g. influence government, then you’re creating a state which limits the “free” market. Ron Paul (and his fanatics) like to claim that they’re for “liberty”, “free-markets”, etc., yet from what you’re saying markets wouldn’t be free and the federal government would be intervening in the spending of capital of private corporations.


  • Part 1 of 2

    You still haven’t demonstrated anything. I’ll ask for the third time: given that corporations hold most of the capital, how will RP’s government ensure they won’t control government?

    “…the point of a limited government is to limit the extent by which anyone…don’t have excessive control over the rest.” [sic]

    With this claim you run into a problem, because a government that limits is a government of force which, by definition, ‘imposes’ limits on what RP calls “liberty”.

  • of course corporations would try to influence the govt for their benefit, as with anyone else since after all the point of a democratic government is to serve its constituents, which includes corporations. the point of a limited government is to limit the extent by which anyone, corporations or otherwise, dont have excessive control over the rest

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  • You didn’t explain how corporations, being the holders of most of the capital, would not control government (however limited it may be).
    So far, your argument has only proposed that there will be a limited government which will ‘also’ be controlled by the wealthy. That doesn’t sound any better.

  • Im a Democrat…and i wanted Barrack Obama for president 4 years ago because i liked his ideas. I then realized how much crap he spoke cuz nothing REALLY changed. Now i see Ron Paul and i’m REALLY hoping he wins, because he already is speaking out and trying to change things, unlike Obama now. I realize now how corrupt we the government is that it can’t fix anything. Maby less government is what we need until someone fixes it.

  • I like how the guest didn’t want to admit Ron Paul winning states was bigger then Hillary, and wanted to downplay it, by saying the other two candidates had been working the trail longer, but that’s spinning because Ron Paul was winning delegates from the start and they spun it so think of how many people would have voted for Paul if the MSM wouldn’t have downplayed his rally sizes and showing clips out of context…shame MSM wasn’t better but atleast he got some coverage this time.

  • Clyaton speaks the truth. Maddow doesn’t care about Paul.

  • Everybody listen to this pentagon whistleblower!
    2012-06-27 Drake GREEN LIGHT for Mass Arrests

  • French Canadian


    The only information I have is this:

    According to Ben Swann’s facebook page, the lawsuit will be heard in mid July.…


    Or maybe you could go to the source to really know what is going on… here are some contact information:

    Contact: Cass Ingram, Porter H. Davis, Pat Jack
    5500 Military Trail # 22-192
    Jupiter, FL 33458

    Executive Committee Lawyers for Ron Paul
    850-417-8543, 850-417-8543
    Fax 714-667-2388
    [email protected]

  • Don’t jump to conclusions. Her way of thinking is destructing, and she’s had many bad things to say about the Paul group in the past. She simply likes the dissonance within the republican party. She likes pressing the issue that Romney doesn’t have as much support as it seems. She is being political in her ‘respect’ of Ron Paul, she does not like him, or his philosophy like I do. At best, she knows that he is consistent in his belief of philisophy of libertarianism of which she disagrees.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    What have you heard about the federal lawsuit filed in California? Unfortunately, I think that Ron Paul seems to want to also steer away from the Paul Fest which is very disappointing. We have to get away from these labels conservative and liberal and just focus on issues. It’s only used to distract and polarize people.

  • Yes, I openly ask for God’s help to Serve and Protect, My country from enemies Foreign and Domestic, and there are many forms of doing so(Technologically, Physically, and most importantly with Positive IDEAS of PEACE) Nobody likes to fight in wars unless twisted by something underlining… In my Oath of Enlistment, that underlines the military cause to protect my fellow Americans, So help me God.

  • I’m starting to develop a lot of serious respect for Rachael. I use to despise her and consider her to be just another Liberal Hack. But you know what? Her as well as most of the people on the Democratic side treat Ron Paul respectfully. While on the right, Paul’s colleagues within the GOP such as McCain, Romney, Santorum, Guilliani, Graham Hannity and the rest hate and mock Paul. Ironic isn’t it? Especially if he is someday credited with saving the Republican Party.