Ron Paul Supporters Are Taking Over the Republican Party

  • Or maybe she just has streaks of Libertarianism in her philosophy.

  • her voice is annoying as hell.

  • Sam

    Ron Paul all the way! We can’t afford anyone else. Well, unless Bernanke prints more cash. Lol


  • lets go for a brokered convention! Ron Paul 2012

  • will only vote Ron Paul President 2012!! no way would i vote romney or obama!

  • Must be doing something right if you got a Bush supporter and a MSNBC host mad at Ron Paul supporters. Lol.

  • Ahh yes a Republic.. A society that is based off of the rule of law.. Whos Laws it is based off of.. Well, that is another story.

  • Surfisher

    The mechanics of How Banks Suck Us Dry — this is the definitive video explaining it in detail. A must see by ALL!

    Share it — and send it to all centers of learning!!

  • write in ron paul

  • You must know that Democracy is a cover word for Communism.

  • I like Rachael. I think she’s being exploited by corporate media. I think in her heart she longs to be like Abbey Martin of RT.

  • troll

  • Surfisher

    The BO or Rmoney?

    Voting for either one of them would be like buying used underwear….

  • LOL at 3:38 she was trying to say you have got to sit thought
    and she said You gotta shit……
    lol funny i love slip ups

  • Winning!

  • TROLLL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maddow voicing support for Paul is just overtly wanting division to help secure Obama …. Loath her

  • I love that ‘putting jobs first’ on the Romney sign. Here is the poster boy for venture capatilism who in turn sucked, and bled company’s dry. Which in turn resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs. He should be in jail.

  • I take it you’re rich then? Because that’s the only people that devil will care about.

  • aaaah damn it, that is not worth it … 😉