Ron Paul Supporters Are Taking Over the Republican Party

  • troll

  • lol are u kidding? I am a huge supporter of Ron Paul but let me tell you he is the GOP candidate that is the least similar to obama. You insult me and all of the other RP fans by comparing him to that socialist fool! Ron Paul would laugh Obama’s heathcare plan out the white house doors!

  • its a square mile, not 2 miles

  • It depends on which state you live in, it might be too late. Vote Ron Paul!! 🙂


  • RP2012!!!

  • I am on the republicans bandwagon and I want to vot for Ron Paul!! I will write him in if I have to. I want to know if that’s a good idea.

  • no mercy for these tools. the guy has shill written all over his dialogue. it seems even neuro-linguistic programming also doesn’t affect Ron Paul supporters! XD

  • I hope the Paultards cause trouble at the GOP convention. Having the republicans devour each other live on TV will ensure an Obama victory. It’s a win/win.

  • I hope to hear a President Paul chant while Mitt is spewing his professionally prepared lies at the RNC this year.GO RON PAUL!

  • go look

  • subhumans like u never shut up ;).

    btw, i am studying too, buisness administrations/economical science ;)! (sorry, if my english is not so well, i am not from usa or uk)

  • Bad interview but thx Rachel.

  • here is the thing. Ron Paul is taking over the party with real supporters, Romney is beating the American people with the electronic voting machines that are rigging the vote for him. That is why in the conventions/caucuses it is ALL RON PAUL, but with it comes to Primaries and the voting perception it is Romney. The establishment is fighting tooth and nail to prevent a ron paul presidency because he is the only one that will truly clean things up. This election has been rigged from the start.

  • So who is truly winning?I see mitt on the media but i’m hearing all this?I like Ron but its so messed up how they are trying to make people believe by not airing him

  • First top comment says it all.. WE CAN DO SOMETHING we just need to act as one and get this shit changed. Ron Paul started the Idea, and Iceland has shown us the way. Don’t let our country get ran over by big business, big government, and the push for “control”.

  • lets see if that confrontation was a wakeup call for her . most women like men don’t want to be humiliated , but once challanged like that they do become quick studies on subjects

  • I wish ALL of Europe follows Iceland’s example. Greece blew it’s opportunity, and Spain seems too stupid to make the right move. Not sure if Russia did the right thing in re-electing Putin, but he sure a lot good things for that nation, which is much better than off today than during the dreadful Yeltsin years.

  • 1 person in 2miles=0.5 people per mile

  • This was the last election that I will participate in. If the “people” are too stupid to elect Dr. Paul, the current system has obviously failed.
    Expect big changes in government in the next couple of years. We are long over due for a rEVOLution.

  • How can you have less than 1 person in parts of Nevada?