Ron Paul Supporters Are Taking Over the Republican Party

  • Ron Paul is our last chance to regain our country and our freedoms from the NWO Fux which include Obomney! No Gary Johnson .. that’ll just split votes!
    Ron Paul 2012 write-in vote ..!
    Restore America Now!


  • Thank you for that. I think that this public forum is unsuitable for continuing. Agree?

  • shut up stupid.

  • Strong username mate

  • The old testament had prophesies of a coming messiah, who would take away the sins of the world. He was refered to, in the OT, not only as the prince of peace but the almighty God. Emanuel, which is hebrew for “God with us”. But when Yeshua came, the hebrews were looking for a “political” savior, not a spiritual. Yeshua has a man’s body, but his spirit was the spirit of God. My old rabbi taught me that animals have 1 kind of spirit, men another, and God also another. All different in nature.

  • Hahahahahahahaha…..this is hilarious. Rachel Maddow has a better shot at the GOP nomination than Ron Paul.

  • Ron Paul did not start anything. He misinformed a lot of young kids who will get out in the world and find out what a fucking con man he is.

  • robin

    Deception is the order of the day yesterday at the Oregon district conventions. Here is a site from someone from my home state that has a patriot website and posted info. on Oregon’s district conventions yesterday…He also posted one of the videos…It appears the strategy yesterday was to take as long as possible to credential people and vote, so there would not be enough time to select the delegates and the meetings would have to be adjourned promptly at 5 pm. Fortunately, there were many who kept their composure and carried on. The idea is that the party officials would then select the alternate delegates of their choice to replace any of the Ron Paul delegates that did not vote for Romney.

  • I enjoy all the Old Testament imagery. No mention of Christ I notice. Did He sin or not I ask you.?…. because if He did then his is a story of every man, not just of himself.

  • Romney will do a much better job than obama if he is elected. He has a vague plan but if it helps the country we’ll take anything.

  • Rachel Maddow is such a gross looking woman :/ Does anybody else think she’s a dike?

  • To further elaborate, my faith says that all have sinned, and that a simple sin such as a lie is just as bad as, lets say, homosexuality. So all are equal in respect to God’s law. But God allowed free will. The will to do good and the will to do bad. We are all allowed to live our lives the way we want. The only difference is the sacrifice. Yeshua was the sacrifice for ALL. Liars AND fornicators. SO all are equal with respect to the law and the “pardon” that was purchased on Golgatha.

  • Ball-deep democracy! 9:34

  • WHat you should know of me is that I am a christian libertarian. Very rare breed. I believe that people should be allowed as much freedom as possible, with the exception that one person’s actions cannot infringe upon the freedom’s of another.
    So naturally, I do not believe that christians OR gays should choose statist solutions to the culture problem. Marriage is a religious institution, civil union is a government institution. Both parties should stick to the appropriate institutions.

  • I’ve resolved on living in an Obamanation until I’m 30. It’s the ugly truth. Look at the uglier truth. Romney… Who knows what Romney will do with the nation? Remember Bush ran in 2000 as a noninterventionist. I believe Ron Paul would have been able to keep us out of foreign nations, to increase domestic security, to resolve the debt in a timely fashion, and to respect the rule of law.

  • This is how a peaceful revolution works. Next we ditch the diebold machines.

  • I don’t really understand if you’re being sarcastic or serious…

  • if they call this the end, its only the end of the beginning. or it might just be the beginning itself.

  • This hole Ron Paul thing is really making be sick, he obvioulsly isn’t going to be a candidate this election, maybe next time when Obama isn’t running, but i doubt a boarder line anti federalist will get elected, but eh, this is America right? We the stupid people and all that…

  • The Republican party is runned by the MAFIA.