Ron Paul Supporters Are Taking Over the Republican Party

  • Why do you hope not? Were not far behind the european countries that are completely bankrupt. If we keep going down this path that obama has taken us even farther we will be jus tike those european countries that attack the people for their bankruptcy.

  • If you actually follow politics you would know that ron paul is the best option for this country. Please go be stupid somewhere else


  • not true, Just because he is successful and wealthy doesn’t mean he only cares about the successful and wealthy. He will help everyone, please don’t let your opinion be fooled by stereotypes.

  • robin

    Someone posted on another site that if you are a national delegate, you should not join the lawyers for Ron Paul, but trust Ron Paul and Doug Weed that it would be a mistake. The rationale is that it is dividing the movement. I personally don’t agree with this person. It’s time to take a real stand against all the fraud going on instead of just being “good sports” so we don’t create an uproar. Those days are gone now. One must stand up to a bully, or they will continue to think this behavior is acceptable. The deceptive tactics in the remaining conventions will escalate as they get more desperate to shut us out. Stay strong and united and play it smart.

    Does anyone have more info. on what is going on in these lawsuits? Things have been very quiet lately…

  • TS SCI holder can’t manage to practice OPSEC huh? That’s fine make yourself a target, I’m sure the Chinese aren’t watching..

  • Thank you Ms Maddow! Pretty ironic we get better, more honest reporting and analysis from a leftist like Maddow than the corporatist / Zionist media complex. Of which I know Maddow is a part of but she at least she has enough journalistic curiosity to do stories that aren’t whitewash jobs.

  • your use of the word “would” scares me, if u really wanted ron paul u should have registered republican so u could vote for him (depending on your state) in the primary. Either way I would hope you would at the least write-in Ron Paul. Dont pick the lesser of 2 evils

  • steve , your an idiot,hope ur arrested

  • steve , your an idiot,hope ur arrested

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  • The x and y generations will have to correct the mistakes of the baby boomers. Fucking baby boomers.

  • i voted for ron paul…i even had to write his name in…ron paul all the way…

  • He will only help the rich son.

  • I hope not

  • Yeah they were but oh what an anti-establishment kind of threat Yeshua was to the politics of that day. I can only imagine the table talks around them being told his kingdom was not of this earth, LOL. They saw him as a kind of Ron Paul maybe, a hopeful to restore or give them civil liberties How frustrating for them who didn’t realize who he was. As for the 3 kind of spirits, well maybe we should elect dogs to lead us because they are loyal and faithful to serve and require so little in return.

  • Typo *Weak – week

  • First of all this is NOT a Democracy, it’s a Republic! Read your constitution and LISTEN, to the Pledge Of Allegiance for starters. As for the R Party or D Party, they both serve the same NWO masters because they all trample on the Constitution. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will keep his oath of office and restore us from this insanity you call a Democracy.

  • I really wish this lady would at-least speak of Dr. Paul’s ideals along with his strategy from what I understand she seems to be a whistle blower XD

  • Hi, former Dem here. No need to be the nominee!! You can still write Ron Paul on voting day. That’s what I’m doing, nomination or not. RON PAUL 2012.

  • Barry obama has done more to strip us of our Constitutional Rights and cause proliferation of a Fascist USA and OWG than anyone to date! Please view The Obama Deception movie on youtube with an open mind and verify the facts! Don’t be a moron sheeple like gearon!
    Ron Paul 2012 write-in vote ..!
    Restore America Now!