Ron Paul: Get the Government Out of Healthcare




  • I swear ppl need to listen to Ron Paul before they talk. The supreme court justices should too haha. I cant believe we live in such an unamerican america :(. PRESIDENT PAUL CAN HELP TO INITIATE AN UNPRECEDENTED NATIONAL ERA OF PRODUCTIVITY 🙂

  • Fuck obamkare! I can care for myself damn it!

  • Europeans have doctors who come to their home.

  • Get government out of Health care, education (if you want to call it that), and housing market.

  • You assure me… and you´re not going to argue the little scenarios.. you just said everything, thx. I no nothing? right – but its a logic consequence of your written words, – but you are very welcome.

  • French Canadian


    The only information I have is this:

    According to Ben Swann’s facebook page, the lawsuit will be heard in mid July.


    Or maybe you could go to the source to really know what is going on… here are some contact information:

    Contact: Cass Ingram, Porter H. Davis, Pat Jack
    5500 Military Trail # 22-192
    Jupiter, FL 33458

    Executive Committee Lawyers for Ron Paul
    850-417-8543, 850-417-8543
    Fax 714-667-2388
    [email protected]

  • robin

    Off Topic: Does anyone know about what is happening with the lawsuit in California? I read on the Daily Paul that it was thrown out…Is this true?

  • French Canadian


    I don’t know if this true or not, but it would’nt surprise me with that slicky Jesse Benton.

    Jesse Benton Keeps Ron Paul from Attending Another Grassroots Event


    Jesse Benton, the man famous for his work in Borat & Bruno, has made another genius decision. This one will keep Ron Paul away from yet another major grassroots event. When asked about Ron Paul events in Tampa, Jesse says “Ron Paul will avoid events where his campaign doesn’t set the tone and message. The event at the fairgrounds is being held by Paul supporters who aren’t affiliated with the campaign”.

    Jesse will instead help to divide the movement by holding a separate event the same weekend as PaulFest , an event grassroots supporters have been working on since March.

    My Prediction, Sacha Baron Cohen will be one of the speakers, after he convinces Jesse that he’s a Republican running for congress in Florida.

    Then again, I could just be one of those crazy grassroots people who “doesn’t get it”. So where do you stand? Should Ron Paul attend PaulFest or follow Jesse Benton’s lead and hold a separate rally? Vote in our poll below


    I voted… go vote!

  • No, like the other guy said, it’s called charity. If there are people that care about this “paralyzed” person, I assure you he’s not going to just die. Also, you have to understand that if it weren’t for government intervention, the free market would make healthcare a HELL of a lot cheaper… But I don’t expect you to understand austrian economics, and I’m not going to argue all your little scenarios. Not to mention you know NOTHING about my health or my family’s health. Thanks for the insults.

  • hey I’d rather see nothing but to be forced to pay a private interest by government law is ridiculous. if they MUST have something nationalize it like Medicare but yeah nix the whole shebang is best. I agree


  • French Canadian


    Sorry, I din’t believe a word you said, not even that you are a Canadian and even less a Québécois.

    I have 5 friends who died of cancer, because they had to wait almost 2 years before getting surgery. I have also many friends who contacted deadly viruses in the hospital, because the hygiene is so bad, due to cuts in the cleaning crew.
    So go spread your false propaganda somewhere else. No one is buying it.

    • Canuck

      French Canadian, you can choose to believe me or not it’s your choice….Montreal Childrens Hospital, Dr. Tchevenkov. I was having really bad stomach pains. I went to the Children’s, at first I was diagnosed with “gas.” But the problem got worse but since it was diagnosed as gas, my parents didn’t think it was much to worry about. When I went to school one day, one of my friends noticed that I had jaundiced eyes. I went straight to the hospital and some days later my entire body became jaundiced. There was no cause found but all that was determined was that I needed a new liver and I was lucky enough to get one from Alberta. I was put first on the list since my situation was so dire. After the procedure I had to take high doses of prednisone and cellcept and be virtually isolated. Today, I am still on a host of anti-rejection drugs. I know that there are horror stories about Montreal hospitals and like I said you can believe me or not but I really have no reason to make this stuff up and I just wanted to lend my two cents as to why a public system, though not perfect, can be quite good at times.

  • and: Society or the “Community” should be judged by “how” they treat their poor, sick and old. So Buddy.. i definitely dont wanna live in yours. Ever heard of charity?

  • ok.. buddy.. How about you are born retarded. Your parents are thin (didnt eat mcdonalds), no drinkers or smokers – but your father is paralyzed after an accident and your mother has a job under 1200usd. hm? how could she afford it? so you just gonna die right? because you dont have the right to be treated and medicated, right? yeah right.. thats what makes you an egoistic assh*le. you just say your stupid shit because you had luck in your life beeing born healthy. whatever, you dont get it.

  • Look buddy, you’re obviously not getting it. Healthcare is NOT A RIGHT first of all, and second, IT’S NOT FREE. Nothing is free. Tell me this, how is it fair for the government to force a healthy individual who has eaten healthy, and not smoked or drank their whole life, to pay exorbitant taxes, so that it can be spent on someone who ate Mcdonalds and did drugs their whole life? Do you think if people know the “government” takes care of them, if they’ll be encouraged to take care of themselves?

  • you can care for others in need without the government. its called being a good neighbor.

  • Ahm excuse me. I own a company and have 65 employees, dont tell me i should get off my lazy ass – paying more taxes a month than you, your whole life. And i think, you should have a right, because if not, why care about anyone? why care? You are an egoistic man in a egoistic country, its ok, i hope you always will have money, if not, i hope nobody cares about you – just to feel, how it is, if you could have the right to be treated.

  • Surfisher

    Real Americans are now The Enemy of the USA — when did this happen!?!?!

    This is the most lucid examination I’ve seen. It is spot on!

    And most disturbing is that the current US Senate still swears an Allegiance to the Corporation of the United States — NOT the US Constitution!

    That should tell us to whom they belong!

    I wish someone is able to post a picture of the booklet issued to US Senators before each session — where it states on PAGE ONE to whom their swear their allegiance (The Corporation of the USA) prior to commencing their “Constitutional” order of conducting business!

    It is true that since Lincoln (whose FACTUAL legacy — not the moral words he spoke — since Fact supersedes Talk) will be remembered as the One US President that caused more American deaths than both World Wars combined, left our nation under Marshall Law (disguised till now — until the BO has blatantly started to flex his muscle to DO to HIS SUBJECTS whatever he wishes under these Unconstitutional Powers Granted)!

    Why do you think the BO, or if perchance, the Mittney is deemed as the more palatable successor to placated the American People — will continue to build FEMA Concentration Camps and have already ordered 15,000,000 iron shackles to ease us there…since some of us do not agree with tyrants?

    It Is because, of this Martial Law that they own by default!

    P.S. If you research it further — you’ll see that currently ALL US Citizens have LOST their Sovereignty, and as subordinates of the US Corporation have ZERO protection under the original US Constitution, and are SUBJECTS to the WILL of the Executive Branch (who are the only ones that can claim Constitutional Protection — precisely, ONLY the US Congress, the US Senate and the US President and the US Vice President are the ONLY ONES entitled to Constitutional Rights — NO OTHER AMERICAN IS)!

    In conclusion — we can no longer claim to be US Citizens, but Subjects to be disposed of as the Usurpers of our Nation chose our futures to be…Unless we TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY, by whatever Declaration of Liberty means are again necessary!

    Ron Paul to WIN — or America to End 2012!
    (there are no other options)!

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