Massachusetts GOP Strips Liberty Delegates of Their Credentials

  • For those who don’t know, Ben Swan graduated high school at the age of 15

  • Keep wating time with politics.

  • Ben Swans a good man in my book.


  • Thats what Ive been telling friends for a while now. Can’t trust the parties, read what the founders thought about them etc.

  • Try to think outside the box for a moment. Imagine the Democratic and Republican Party are the Same Organization. Imagine they only put on this show every four years, brainwashing you with opposite lies, to monopolize 100% of the vote. Now Imagine how clear all the corruption and tyranny is. Welcome to Reality.

  • Republicans: Do not vote for Mitt Romney. The Republican establishment does not believe in what we are supposed to be about. Let the Party fall in this election. When we compromise principles, we have nothing to offer. Do the right thing and let Mitt Romney fail. He deserves it.

  • this shit is going to get violent soon….remember in Europe when the peasants stormed the castle and killed the king? yea lets hope we dont HAVE to do that >:/

  • They don’t want new people… It’s a club and you are not invited. It’s freedom vs tyranny. This fight will continue after this election.

  • Fail comment. It is not the Nazis doing this to use. It is the Zionist fuck heads who are against Dr. Paul getting in office because they will lose a LOT of control over this country.

  • Sigh……….I……I thought America was the good guys. We go to war to give people something we do not even have at home? FML!!! I hate living in this country.

    • Dennis Johnson

      So. When are you leaving, Scumbag?

  • fucking gop faggots

  • They know that Ron Paul will come along an overturn their applecart of corruption dollars. When are we going to take our nation back? It’s never been so apparent that politics in this country is rigged and corrupt.

  • It’s like Ford once said about the color options for his Model T Ford… “You can have any color you like, as long as it’s black.”

  • Israels protectors lol. Protectors of a regime that attacks Americas.


  • I’ve taken all I can tolerate and I can’t tolerate any more. It is time for the revolution to hit the street!
    “Let’s time to kill us some Nazis.” Inglorious Bastard

  • I’m really, really starting to dislike Romney.

  • Both parties will do whatever they want to maintain their status quo. I do believe that Ron Paul used the platform to draw more attention to his message, which was the smart thing to do. But our political process is as corrupt as any third world country, they just throw out left/right to give all the illusion that we have a choice.

  • the game is rigged.

  • No, you have a voice in the party but only so long as your voice reads from their script.