Massachusetts GOP Strips Liberty Delegates of Their Credentials

  • Wars are not only fought by childrenless men. We have been conditioned to be comfortable with our lives and accept anything these tyrants give us. It’s FOR them that I would do it.

  • write-in vote; Paul 2012


  • They have God with them. Also what did you think the colonials were thinking went they wanted freedom and liberty.

  • I like that idea. A revolution can’t be won without a little violence. Only 1 target: Mitt Romney. Then glorious victory

  • There is a WAR between Mr.Flip Flop and Mr.Food Stamp to obtain the THRONE.
    Those two BUG failures are ready to commit anything to SNAP the presidency.
    Each guy puts illegal CRAZY obstacles to stop their opponents.
    America is heading to HELL without Ron Paul.

  • this amounts to a poll tax. never stand up in court.

  • wrong answer. why not push for a 3rd party representitive in the presidential debate(s)? Barry and Mitt are two birds of a feather

  • Why would any of these people want anything to do with the GOP? I am a disenfranchised former republican who plans on voting straight Democrat! ANYONE but Mitt Romney.

  • but think of your children and family and stuff, you die and they will be alone.

  • That’s what they told the colonials. Revolt i say! Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Peaceful resistance is good and all when the process is fair. It has long been a civil war we are leading towards because of dirty politics and tyranny!

  • Loool

  • its the duty of the militia to investigate and handel voter/election fraud

  • BP

    The actions by the GOP are not illegal.


    Because the GOP and the DNC are both private clubs, and they can do what they want, when the want, and how they want. They simply tell their members what to do and they do it, or they are replaced, that simple.

    The only thing they cannot do legally, is pull shanigans at the polling stations on election day, and mess with the actual ballots.

    The law suits I’ve been hearing about are frivalous and will go nowhere.

    Sure members can vote for chairman and the like, but when it comes to going by rules anything goes. Currently the deck is stacked against Liberty.

    This may change, but not if Romney wins. That is why I’m voting for Obama, and I don’t care who Randy endorses.

    If Romney wins it will be 16 years before Liberty gets another chance.

    If Obama wins it will be 4 years, before Liberty gets another chance.

    Vote for Obamma 2012

  • Valerie Heskia

    This is all a result of the Bilderbergers and other corporate banksters who want Ron Paul’s glorious message of freedom and liberty and free liberty to be silenced. Don’t be fooled my friends. Ron Paul will be the nominee of the Republican party and we will take the country back from their greedy hands. Tea!

  • Brian

    “dont incourage the bastards” – Timothy Leary

    See ya’ll at the convention!

  • Um, u do realize that Dr Paul is not against Israel? He is against sending foreign aid period. In the case of Israel, it is even beneficial for it, as every time Israel receives any aid from US, it loses it’s independents and sovereignty. Prime-Minister of Israel is in complete agreement with it. People, who are for sending aid to Israel, are for giving Israel in the hands of corrupt American politicians and for making it a pond in the hands of US in the Middle East.

  • Writing in Ron Paul will never vote for any of the fascists the GOP nominates.

  • I don’t really give a rat’s ass who the Republicunts nominate, I’ll still be writing in Ron Paul.

  • crooked bastards! this is illegal

  • Based on votes & caucuses the Roll Call Vote should start off about like this:

    Alabama casts 12 votes for Paul, 7 votes for Romney, 11 votes for Newt, & 21 votes for Rick.

    Alaska casts 11 votes for Paul, 6 votes for Romney, 3 votes for Newt, & 5 votes for Rick


    So vote for Gary Johnson in the General Election!