Massachusetts GOP Strips Liberty Delegates of Their Credentials

  • why would you vote for that moron anyway…

  • Bullshit like this is why I left the Republican Party behind over nine years ago to become a Libertarian and never looked back.

  • Why is she complaining if she was going to vote for romney anyways. Liberty delegates will only vote Ron Paul. If you don’t then your just a fake.


  • PHenry

    Here’s what you need to know:

    The GOP would rather lose to Obama in the general election than to Dr. Ron Paul in the primaries. Who is closer to their guy, Mitt, ideologically?
    Barack Obama.

    It isn’t about “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” it’s about power and the good doctor will do his best to strip that away and give some of it back to “We, the People.”

    And THAT, is all you need to know.

  • can they sue

  • And has to reported I might add. I’m glad they did this.

  • Usually I dont like Fox news, but this is heresy.

  • Fuck there count reality check this we the people will come up with the law not these non self made men puppets wasting tax $ on war and charging us to control us that ain’t freedom we ain’t being heard! Unite fight4 Ron Paul no matter what Obama n Romney do there both treasonous n should be impeached along with half of congress or more whatever Ron Paul says. Real talk last chance nov or were fucked

  • Sounds familiar. During the PA primary, i was told that I could not vote because i was not a registered republican. Had to go home get my confirmation card, go back, and fill out a form in order to vote for Paul on an Electronic Voting Machine made in a hostile country. I still wonder if my vote was counted. We fight for democracy around the world, but I’m not confident that we even have it here anymore…

  • did he really just plug his own facebook on t.v? that’s fucking hilarious. American media..

  • Hey Paul fans, I have a good one for you.
    I stated that Obama was a dictator and I was called a racist and traitor.
    Then they went on to tell me that I would vote for Obama or I would be deported.
    They might as well come on down is all I have to say.
    I will not vote for either Romney or Obama.
    I have a feeling we’ll have Obama again, If Ron Paul is not on the ballot.
    Hope they send me someplace tropical!!!

  • So true!

  • How do you write it in on the computer?

  • How do you write it in on the computer?

  • Pledge allegiance to the Constitution dipstick. Romney is full of ****!
    He is on;y saying he’ll get rid of this unconstitutional healthcare.
    He’s flip flopped on everything and lies just like OBAMA…..
    What are you expecting out of Flip Flop Romney anyhow

  • no, time for you to pledge allegiance to america and stop talking REtard shit… now if you would say … look buddy … this is why i disagree like a normal functioning member of an adult society …instead of insulting someone for something you are obviously incapable of wrapping your simple mind around and exposing your inability to process logical thought into common since, maybe you wouldnt have got your ass kicked so much in school, never too late to change tho, good luck with that 😉

  • Carol Claros is quite gorgeous I might add :p

  • GOP shot itself in the foot this cycle (as far as presidential nom. goes, local and state elections went to real conservatives) and that is fact, not fiction. Obama will win against Romney.

  • At least someone is doing some reporting these days.

  • hahahahahahahahaha…MORON! Romney cannot beat Obama. You pretend republicans are soooo funny. Difference is you don’t actually like Romney your just one of those sheep who would vote for whoever they put on the republican ballot. It could be ronald Mcdonald and you’d vote for him. LMAO I’d rather be a “Paultard” than a half-witted sheep.