Ron Paul: No Weapons for Terrorist Rebels!

  • I have known that you are mentally retarded for several months now.

  • Troll here.. Flag for spam .. nothing to see… People try to piss off paul supporters on purpose because they know paul has no flaws… So simply saying something like this is to set off people.. just Flag for spam 🙂

  • If there are no weapons sent to terrorist rebels,
    then how are they going to implement the Hegelian dialectic?

  • Okay now I 100% believe that Ron Paul is mentally retarded


  • Tyvm:) Oh you mean Ron lol… I AGREE!!!

  • Sorry he is to logical for eithr party to elect so we will wander in darkness.

  • No more war & Americans dying for Israel

  • personification of American hope!!!

  • I know right.

  • FIGHT ON Dr. PAUL!!!

  • hes not afraid to point out the national media as a proponent and tool of corruption

  • I used to think that wars benefited nations economically in times of need but then I did my own research outside of school and found that it may be slower but it is far more beneficial to grow nations economically without it XD

  • here we goo Whoot RP Nice Job!

  • Because of the curiculum taught in schools, because of the distractions intentionally made in life, because of the food we eat, because of the economy and peoples belief they can become rich wrongly voting for the a candidate who promotes this, fear of people we dont understand, the propaganda box thats sits in every house that hypnotises. To sum it up, people are idiots who are drugged up on quick fixes, sex, laughs, money, and intoxants.

  • Ron Paul is the smartest man on the block and America’s if not the Worlds best bet for the future. After the last few weeks announcements, i kind of got a chill down my spine thinking that DrP doesnt want or cant win to head his party’s nomination for President
    Please, someone tell me He’s not giving up and taking a back seat. I Say, Dont let the heads of the party(R) dictate who you can vote for! Surely one should have the right to choose for himself who he wants to vote for? RON PAUL4President


  • Corruption exposed. Evidence available on The Unknown History of MISANDRY. Read “A Woman’s Voice” and see how the professors and government have fooled us into accepting “the official story” on the relations between the sexes. The State defends on cultural marxism to keep the public in a daze. Until the marxist feminist hoax is fully exposed the sheeple will will continue their passive trot.

  • I shall never understand why this man is not my President. Sure the warmongers and the like are in it for there stolen worthless money which I imagine is why. Dr. Paul is a hope in a dying nation from it’s own short sited nature. As always follow the worthless money and one sees the puppet masters behind it all.

  • Watch RT see what happen, how it looks when some crazy group come to your home…