Ron Paul: No Weapons for Terrorist Rebels!

  • Well, before I meant that it is better for us not to teach about nazis at all, than teach them one sided. It would be perfect to teach it from both sides. I mean, children are taught about 9/11 as a great tragedy, whilst all the crap US government did is not shown, I understand patriotism but it is over all limits.

  • I totally agree, people need to be taught about the nazi’s, they need to be taught everything about history and not just the fact that the victors write the history. I think your a little confused on trying to tell how you feel. Previous comments your saying its better not to teach people about the nazi’s and now your saying to teach them about both sides. Course itl be coming, but if people know, they stand a chance. No one knows about the NDAA, indefinite detention. Drones killing “militants”.

  • Voting is not going to change anything. Only overthrowing the powers that be will change the fucked up situation our planet is in.

  • Voting is not going to change anything. Only overthrowing the powers that be will change the fucked up situation our planet is in. Its time to kill government officials, bankers and oil companies

  • Ron Paul the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE in the world. its ok for him to collect billions of? fed tax $ for his own district , what a fraud, what a puppet and he claims to defend our constitution yet he wants to change it, and he is against civil rights he supports segregation, he wants to abolish the public schools, he said Abe Lincoln made a mistake in defending the civil war that ended slavery. Ron Paul is a RACIST KaKaKa fool and a globalist who is pushing for a

    1 world currency, America? wake up

  • deserve no, need yes, but instead we are electing fucking idiots instead of this great man

  • Liberals are more dangerouse than a Neo-Con, because lets be honest about this. If a republican were to pass all that and continue all these wars. There would be soo many protests. But when a liberals does the same shit as an Neo-Con, they are given a free pass. To kill whoever they want, whenver they want, to break laws whenver they want. Just to show how tough they are compared to a republicans. Its so scary how the anti-war protesters give Obama a free pass

  • Giving weapons to Syria is all about maintaining the cycle of war to keep government in power, take away our rights in the name of security, and make military industrialist contractors rich. We create future enemies by arming them. Look what happened when Admiral Perry forced his way into Japan–A modernized country that gave us Pearl Harbor!

    Ron Paul is the only sane man seeking to end unnecessary conflict by following the founding fathers unwritten philosophy of MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS!


  • Surfisher

    The BO or Rmoney?

    Voting for either one of them would be like buying used underwear….

  • Ron Paul is: “Elektable” ht tp://youtu be/0QQl_fda5Ok

  • “If people see that happening again they’ll stop it” are you sure about that? I mean, don’t you think that it won’t be coming if people don’t know about it? I believe history should only be taught from 2 sides. I don’t believe that cruel people exist, I think when someone is doing something, it is because of a reaction not the action. And that the only action so far known to us was the big bang. Hence making hitler or anybody else an enemy of humanity is wrong.

  • Lmao, mainstream propaganda has worked on u. Nazis persecuted communists, gays, polish, blacks, slavs, gypsies. So it doesnt happen again, that was a question i thought i already answered, so the people can see it coming & put a stop to it. These people cant come back to power. I.D cards ring a bell? Surveilance? Why did Hitler hate the jews is the same as facts & educating people about history. People dont hate jews, theyre angry & uneducated enough to realise its the Israeli regime they hate.

  • What does knowing about the fact that nazis were killin the jews give you? hatred towards nazism? do you want hatred?, feeling sorry for jews? what’s the point of feeling sorry?. I believe that by knowing it you are more likely to make it happen again. Schools are completely different matter, they should be teaching how to develop yourself, directing you towards the right path. They should not be giving history as facts, lessons should be giving you both arguments, e.g. why did hitler hate jews?

  • Obama can just have them drop a bomb on your hillbilly ass in your trailer. Who you gunna shot? lol

  • Pea shooter? My gun fires the 7.62 nato. The military m16/m4 fires the 5.56 nato. Mine is bigger. Once Obama tries to disarm the people, Patriots will rise up. What you are talking about is treason. It won’t work. it will piss to many American off and they will fight back. How do i know? I have Marine, Army, and Air force friends and they don’t like Obama. Most service men will turn against Obama.

  • If people think he is crazy there is truly no hope.

  • End Zionist occupation of America.

  • Ron Paul isnt even rich. What does he know? Nothing!

  • Dr.Ron Paul has `real Principles`, a quality that is sadly lacking in most of today`s ` Political Elite`. It is even more sad that because he has consistency, he will not be elected ( or, even chosen by the Republican Party as their nominee), this will without doubt, further damage the US. History repeating itself ?…….thanks…..Abe

  • I have one question with the people who are supporting Ron Paul in this speech. How do you think, if international organizations, and the countries who have the resources (for example, USA, France, Germany), don’t make the steps for helping the people in Syria, how long we must give the Assad’s regime right to kill the hundreds people every day ?
    Assad is the dictator and Only thing he wants it is the authority and he will make everything to be in the government at the end of his life.