Ron Paul: No Weapons for Terrorist Rebels!

  • “GOD719” Well this argument is over already, you lose.

  • 550 million? Romney doesn’t even have that. You’re stupid. The Earmarks went to his district, not Paul. Paul has never taken his congressional pension and he even said no to sercret service because it’s a waste of tax payers money. Are you stupid fucktard? Yes.

  • I don’t need to read anything else you have said because you have already proven yourself wrong. Here in the UK, it’s almost impossible to get hold of any gun, guess why? They’re illegal, and the police here aren’t useless fat cunts that walk around doing nothing. And saying “inanimate objects don’t kill people” is by far the most pathetic argument I have ever heard, I mean, you’re right, they don’t kill people, but they sure help, moron.

  • It only makes it difficult for law abiding citizens to get guns, since you clearly didn’t bother to read any of my other posts in my country even though we have reports of people being stabbed, beaten or set on fire.

    I am not pro-gun, I am a rational human being, inanimate objects cannot kill people.


  • Are you claiming Ron Paul made 550 million from adding earmarks to bills? Besides, your failure to understand the way taxpayer money is appropriated doesn’t exclude you from being wrong. Leaving earmarks out of a bill gives the money back to the federal government, which we can all trust will spend it correctly, right? Right?

    Typical uneducated, misinformed, cookie-cutter “rebel” lashing out at things that cool kids like the “Amazing Atheist” tell them to. Stick to PC gaming.


  • I believe most Americans do not understand Ron Paul , Americans prefer simple sentences I mean George Bush style” We good they bad we fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here”

  • Only stupid Americans do not support RP sadly this is most of the country! Mitt or Obama gets in your all screwed

  • Ye, I gues requesting earmarks, then not voting for them so he can say “i never voted for a earmark” is not being corrupted, right? Making $550+ million from doing that, isn’t corrupted? Right? RIGHT? Seriously, shut up you moron.

  • What? Why are are you pro-gun retards so fucking stupid? And you wonder why everyone else thinks america is full of retards? It’s because it is. You can’t even understand that illegal guns make it incredibly hard to get hold of them, and then people won’t need them defend themselves. Illegal guns means less gun crime, that’s a fact.

  • Ye bro, you don’t deserve a racist, homophobic, sexist, creationist twat that doesn’t think global warming is real and is against abortion. He also uses earmarks to make millions upon millions of dollars, you definitely don’t deserve him…… Actually you do, because you moronic fucks are too blind to see such things, so a moron may as well lead you.

  • Obama 2012!!!

  • he’s running, but he’s not actively campaigning anymore because i think romney has the 1100-whatever delegates he needs to win the nom. but i’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks, soo…..

  • We are going to ban you Paultards from entering our GOP Convention in Tampa. We hate the trouble maker Ron Paul and we hate the stupid PaulTards. We don’t give a damn what you PaulTards think about any of our policies. The time has come for you PaulTards to pledge allegiance to Mitt Romney and then shut the hell up.

  • Guns don’t make the problem worse, it’s the people who are at fault, criminals don’t obey laws so in the end if you regulate guns. The thing about law is that it only affects law abiding people criminals aren’t going to care what piece of paper the government writes on.

    The only thing I think America needs and the whole world is to be properly educated on how guns work that way you can at least stop accidents from happening. The rest is up to the people and the police.

  • Exactly. I don’t know why they want to corrupt the place we love.

  • Can anyone tell me if Paul is still in the race??

  • But guns make the problem worse. Obama is changing the writing of the ATF gun regulations on shotguns to restrict or ban them, I found the link. So that is a step in the right direction.

  • you’re not serious, i didn’t seen a better troll in my life you must be a RP supporter 🙂

  • I’m sure he didn’t want to insult you by asking that rhetorical question I agree with Ron paul on every single issue, we are just wondering how can other Americans not vote for this man, he’s the only rightful politician in the hole World, the problem is all Ron Paul supporters work hard, but Obomneys are many . Tvs control their minds.