Ron Paul: No Weapons for Terrorist Rebels!

  • Ok troll, you can go back and vote for romney now…

  • so if all he wants is to bring the troops home, why does he defend Osama Bin Laden during a Presidential debate, why does he advocate free trade with the number one killer of Americans pre and post 9/11 (Mullahs ruling Iran), why did he say that thousands of US soldiers have died for no reason on Presidential debate, and why does he repeatedly vilify America.

    If all he wants is to stop giving foreign aide to people who hate us and bring the troops home, he is doing a very poor job at it.

  • Amen, what a guy! wish we had someone like that in UK, this guy has balls of steel! beautiful human being, can’t say enough good things about him. I fkin love peace.

  • Legalizing all drugs (especially cocaine/crack, heroine and meth),is about the only policy that i dont agree far as “supportig tyrany just so America can cower in a corner” i have no idea what your talking about, he just wants to bring the troops home, and stop fighting pointless wars, and stop giving billions of dollars to countres who hate us, and use us
    I know that there are many people out there who rely on the U.S.,but we cant play policeman of the world..Theres other ways of winning

  • the extreme of legalizing drugs, supporting tyranny just so America has an excuse to cower in a corner, vilifying our great country just to push his agenda. that extreme.

  • They’d rather give it to people like drone happy Obama.

  • And what extreme is he at?

  • you just said you have tyrants in your own country now you are saying you dont have tryanny????

    America is a Republic not a Democracy. the people elect other to speak on your behalf. So there is limited amount of freedom built into the constitution itself. Now there is no question Obama is taking away freedoms, but dont go to the other extreme where Ron Paul is at.

  • Look, im not saying we have tyrany at this very moment, but our freedoms are getting slimmer and slimmer each day, where we WONT be able to have a say in what our government does..
    This man will stand up, and restore those values in this nation, that its the people who should controll the government, not the other way around..
    Trust me, I dont disagree about putting a stop to the things you mentionedm but the WAYS our govenment have been doing it is completely wrong..

  • you dont know the first meaning of the word tyranny. Why dont you try someone like the Mullahs ruling Iran who passed laws saying women have to be raped before execution, or the Mullahs publicly hanging political opponents from cranes. If your current leadership is considered tyrants, then people in America have it really good.

  • We must get rid of our own tyrants, if we expect to stand up for the worlds freedom in the future…

  • its not baseless, find me one tyrant in the world that Ron Paul hasnt supported. Ron Paul even defended Osama Bin Laden in an American Presidential debate. Its hard to sink any lower than that.

  • freedom means standing up to tyranny not hiding in some corner hoping tyranny wont do something to us. Also freedom means not demonizing your own country and justifying tyranny in other countries to have an excuse cower in a corner.

    sorry, but when every thug, criminal, tyrant, and every other person in the world who wants to destroy America all support Ron Paul, then Ron Paul is the enemy of freedom and the wrong candidate.

  • so for you freedom means the government taking money from you and wasting it in wars for petrol

  • That is a baseless comment.

  • We hate Ron Paul. We Mormons love Mitt Romney. Do not be jealous of his great wealth and power. I ask that all of you Non-Mormons shut up about his taxes and his work at Bain Capital. Those are private matters that you working class losers will not understand. Please visit the LDS Church and pick up a free copy of the Book of Mormon to plan your conversions after Mitt makes Mormonsim our National Religion. In the name of our Lord and Savior Joseph Smith let us all say Amen.

  • Hah.

  • you mean “owe” not “own.” Paul is a good man. 🙂

  • As long as Ron Paul is in Congress Mullah in Iran are secure and wealthy, Thank you Mr. Ron Paul for saving Islam testicles over and over. Islam and Mullahs own you big time.