Ron Paul: We Need to Let People Opt Out of Healthcare

  • Overall I like you Ron Paul but I disagree with your health care assessment… Every American should have health care protection whether there poor or rich… Leaving Insurance companies in power is a big mistake… They avoid sick people.. And health savings accounts… LOL… Dude 1 week in a hospital can cost 200,000 dollars… Cancer treatment or heart surgery can cost 300,000 dollars … Most Americans can’t pay that Ron… Sorry bud.. Your wrong… HR676 is the answer…


  • He is a true champion of liberty, but will not be the nominee. All Paul supporters should back Gary Johnson. No third party will win but we need the ideals of liberty to have a chance to be heard in the debates!!

  • Is it just me or does this sound similar to the health care plan that Romney is now offering. Government provided, but the option to go private, causeing compettition and possible lower rates and better care. Please dont mistake me. There is no way I will vote for Greed (Romney) and his Vice choice who looks like and sounds like the son of Satin.

  • I know right? kind of surprising hes still on the air!

  • I hope one day India gets a politician like Ron Paul.

  • Wow a Foxnews guy i dont hate. +1 point.

  • More and more Cavuto is starting to see Fox is bullshit, he knows deep down Ron Paul is right, lol you can tell