Ron Paul: We Need to Let People Opt Out of Healthcare

  • who on earth wouldn’t want health care for themselves or their loved ones? I honestly don’t get it :S


  • Surfisher

    The BO or Rmoney?

    Voting for either one of them would be like buying used underwear….

  • what about him always telling: “it’s wrong to think, that i endorse less regulations, in fact there would be more regulations, if we do it right.” never heard him saying that? knowbody lets him talk about that in any interview, but do you really think, that in his manifesto or other plans he actually has no clue about this issue or actually wants free markets so bad, that he forgetts about tyranny of corporations? even though he is telling it by name fighting it since 35 years?

  • the government has to protect civil rights freedom. tyrannical corporations are pushing in this very moment, and the government backs them up. government shouldn’t be and wasn’t ment to be the regulator or the social planner of the countries economy.
    i think, if your civil rights are build up, you can go to corporations and fight them on every issue, whether it is about wages or ecological etc… you wouldn’t if the state legislates them to do what they want for “a bigger social interrest”

  • there are people saying less government is the reason for all our problems. other keep fighting for less regulation, since those regulations always where the problem in their view. even though i think chomsky is right on what he told.. i wouldn’t say, that it couldn’t be because of a perverted neoliberal way of handling goevernment and market. yet we see, that government hass definetely gotten the long arm of corporations. i can think of a private sector with good laws linking less to tyranny.

  • What you have to understand is that the government was created to PROTECT the people from Corporate Tyranny. The Libertarian/Corporate influence on government since Reagan has weakened the influence of the common people to such an extent that Corporations pass 60% of the laws in congress. There is a reason why the Koch brothers fund all the Libertarian think tanks – because the economic ideas behind it (not the pacifist thinking) ENABLE CORPORATE TYRANNY. Noam Chomsky explains this well.

  • With the right property rules – who will enforce these rules if not government?? Sir, if you are getting your information only from youtube= a fountain of disinformation in itself, there is no point in being so intellectually arrogant. The only way to fight Corporate Lobbying by Koch brothers, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto is to make the rich pay MORE tax as in the 50’s, strengthen worker Unions and eviscerate the ‘Corp’s are People’ rule. Government is supposed to be our voice as we pay for it.

  • “You can afford it?” Ohhh it’s not about money.

  • lets not debate anarchism ideology. i think its wrong, if you start with “if there is no government” as if there would be no rules or laws in an anarchic or libertarian society.again, with right property laws and responsible rules big companies would have less chance of power. companies like monsanto TODAY have their government army making farmslaves around the world. we definetely need a change and paul at least opposes all those stati quo. i listened to krugman.he doesn’t has to know better.

  • Ron Paul has a Doctor of medicine degree from Duke’s university circa 1961 as does his son – you are better off listening to someone like Paul Krugman, Nobel prize winner in economics 2008. If you don’t have government, then what??? You have private corporations with their own armies making workers wage slaves and polluting the environment. You have a massively unequal society reminiscent of feudalism. And who will protect you and your family if there is no government, no rule of law????

  • Don’t be so generous with your praise. Neil Cavuto is pretty much the only one on FoxNews who gives Ron Paul due respect

  • Duh? The problem is that Obamacare will raise taxes on an already overtaxed America. It will provide sub-standard, government-run healthcare because it will phase out capitalist competition. We would have no choice of providers. If there is a problem, who would you complain to? THE GOVERNMENT? Yeah, like they would give a shit.

  • Not sure why people hate Obamacare. So what if there is a tax? You can afford it. It has helped 32 million americans who were previously uninsured become insured. Also, if you have a pre-existing health problem, you might need it unless you have plenty of money.

  • That suprised me. Fox news got my respect!

  • Jean

    I am supposedly well educated but I honestly cannot evaluate when government proposals or policies are Constitutional or not. They seem to talk around the facts in just such a way that no ordinary human could figure out what they really mean. I hoped that the learned men and women of the Judicial wing would be the ones who could study and evaluate things such as Obama Care and clarify whether it was constitutional or not. I don’t care which party you say you are under, I just want to hear patriotic statements that safeguard the citizens for whom this Republic was formed. What happened to, By the people and for the people? I think the only hope for our country is to clean the slate of all of the politicians who owe favors to one lobbyist or another, and put Patriots in their place. The people in favor of Obama Care say that without it we will not be able to afford good health care in this country. Those against it say if it passes we will find increasingly higher prices for it that we wont be able to afford. Note that the rich will be able to afford it either way. Alot of what Ron Paul says sounds Constitutional correct, yet he is listed as a Republican which puts him in the rich category doesn’t it. Is he in the wrong category?

  • We need to have national health care, but allow people to buy their own private coverage, if they wish. This is what the UK does (as opposed to Canada, where you MUST accept the national health service). The UK system is more equitable and fair.

  • And this is no conspiracy nonsense, all the actual facts are out there.

  • The Koch brothers Fund the Republican party and own the 2nd largest privately owned company in America. They fund all the Libertarian think tanks including Cato, the Heartland Institute, John Birch, National Tax Limitation foundation, Heritage and Reason foundations; Rolling stone magazine lists them as number 2 on their ’12 politicians and Execs blocking progress on Global warming’ article. They back anti-government conspiracies so people think that corporate taxes/regulations are bad.

  • God Be With You, Dr. Ron Paul!

    3rd Party is the Answer, Dr. Ron Paul! These Republicans and Democrats are not very nice, but if you act firmly and aggressively I believe that most to almost all Americans will vote for you! We Americans are tired of the BS that the government is pulling! As for show, that our government put a damper on our style with other countries as well! I don’t like that! I hate how some states has open primaries and others closed primaries! Everyone should just compete for general election I believe which is more fair deal. Please Dr. Ron Paul, please confirm that you would run for 3rd party and beat Obama and Romney. Please shed some light to the world! A lot of people are supporting you but you need to confirm you actually running to people believe you even more! I am glad though you got notice in the media but you have to go further to win and not just campaign. I know its hard for 3rd parties to get notice since Pero at least. But you did get notice and it wouldn’t be so hard for you. People the ones are suppose to choose who is on top in the government not the government itself by their votes.

  • Jim

    I am sorely disappointed in Ron Paul lately. What is he waiting for? Is it not the right time to announce a third party run against these insane de facto dictators? I have sent nearly a thousand $$$ to assist, which is not easy for a poor disabled veteran like me. He needs to come on stronger. He laid down when they stole the first few caucus results from him, he barely made a sound. With all the pent up revolutionary outrage in the American people there could be no better time for a third party run to release it. Come on Dr. Paul, you’re not getting any younger, we need you now. I’ll send as many $$ as I can to help. Heck, if I don’t give it to you for liberty, I’ll be giving to the tyrants to support my own slavery. THE TIME IS NOW.

    • Valerie Heskia

      You call yourself a poor veteran but you are willing to consider giving the guy more money….Perhaps your priorities are misplaced…You’ve been sold a lemon.