Ron Paul: We Need to Let People Opt Out of Healthcare

  • in europe we are actually fighting against the ESM. it’s a pretty disgusting piece of paper, which takes all souvereignity from democratic nations, handing them over to a collective of banksters, which can NOT be voted democratically or detached. No Judge can sentence them. NOONE! and they don’t have to be transparent. they can demand limitless amount of money from the countries. All this, just because of the crisis. we are leading towards a united europe state(sounds great), BUT with FORCE!

  • you forgett, that we are not peasons anymore. you disregard the communcative phenomenas. You forgett the people actually thinking twice, as if they are in a renaissance 2.0. what will come, has always risks. But you can’t say, that the power did not change. Even if we would be thrown back to feudal times. think of media actually educating ppl, or property rights and responsibility actually protecting you from risky speculations. think of taxes, where ppl decide what to do with, not burocrates.

  • Thank you for the discurs. Sorry, but you really want to tell me, that Paulitics will go back to feudal times, or that Krugmans/Democrats idea of bigger government is actually not taking a course much more in that direction? well, sorry there are so many phenomena’s so that we don’t even have to fight about ideologies, everyone of them could be good. NOW, government ist doing everything wrong. (sub-)WAR,CRISIS(paul mentioned), LESS civil-rights! A solution for income redistribution: CROWDFUNDING

  • 3. Paul Krugman doesn’t want war – if anything, a conservative ideology that panders to class divides and patriotism more will be more prone to Xenophobic rhetoric 4. Some History for you, back in Feudal times when there was no government redistribution of wealth, it was inefficiently pooled in enormously wealthy, racially pure and militarily powerful Overlords whilst the common people where reduced to Serfs under wage slavery. Show me a solution for income redistribution w/o government.

  • 1. Libertarians want Less government, Less regulation, Less Tax, END OF. 2. As for the broken Window fallacy, if taxes FROM THE PEOPLE are put into public services FOR THE PEOPLE and there is a redistribution of wealth that is of NET BENEFIT to the economY, then this is a good thing. Sometimes a centralized effort to co-ordinate the needs of the public + economy can offset any ‘Broken window effect’. Statistics show during democrat presidents – THE ECONOMY GROWS MUCH MORE /watch?v=Y2HpdgEsQBg

  • That’s because elections are bought nowadays. Makes me sick.

  • George

    Computer prices are low because of free market principles. Competition is controlling the costs.. Its the only thing the government isn’t regulating. We should be applying the same principles to everything else too..

  • and by the way our nobelprice krugman makes some idiotic expressions. i dont know how you can like people like him, advertising for wars and terrorattacks and broken windows for economic growth. 😉 ever heard of the broken window fallacy? search for it… BUT NOT ON YOUTUBE, IT COULD BE PROPAGANDA! GO READ IT IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, SINCE THEY ARE WORKING MUCH MORE SERIOUS!

  • I blame my lack of understanding how even dems not voting Ron Paul instead obama the liar, besides the mitts obamacare reps, I only can think lots of people are spending too much on tv instead Internet. There is no alternative to Ron Paul’s Revolution even if some Americans will never hear what was actually happened just when the Revolution will cut the mass media out of their tvs 🙂

  • there is nothing lacking in freedom OR independence in receiving decent healthcare for ALL it’s not a’s a RIGHT!…I have free healthcare & I’m FREE in a free country & free 2 b healthy!!! if economic situations changed for you & you couldn’t afford the high cost of healthcare would you still be saying the same thing while you watched yourself or one of your loved ones die??? from lack of care when that could be prevented?? isn’t it worth it if saves even a handful of children??

  • Ron Paul is a good, intelligent, patriotic man.
    Ex- Air Force.
    Ex- doctor.
    Married to the same woman for 55 years.
    Holding our piece of shit government accountable.
    But the GOP and media shove Mitt Romney down our throats. SICKENING.


  • ObamaCare should not have been passed anyway. Whoever voted for it is a socialist traitor.

  • In the words of President John F. Kennedy “As man was born to be, FREE and INDEPENDENT.”

  • ju88ff lol what a stupidass name

  • mssainsburys

    What do you do about people, let’s say those many young guys who ride motorcycles recklessly and end up in the hospital, who refuse to pay for health insurance ? What about those young enough to think they’ll live forever? Do we kick them to the curb? Some people have to pay for their own immaturity, but a death sentence or life-long disability seems a bit steep. At the same time, those who pay for their own insurance should be forced to pay for those who refuse to be responsible? A tax penalty for failure to act in your and society’s best interests in regards to health insurance seems like a good first step. What is Ron Paul’s first step to providing insurance coverage for all and controlling related costs?

  • It’s something very complicated but the government taking care of us is never good. It will result in more taxes and government control of your privater life. Being forced to be in the healthcare of fined if not is WRONG! It’s not free.

  • because they already got what they wanted and that’s to get him out the race saying lies, finding anything to take him out of the race. Brainwashed people into thinking he wasn’t president quality. Which is a bunch of lies.

  • Surfisher

    The mechanics of How Banks Suck Us Dry — this is the definitive video explaining it in detail. A must see by ALL!

    Share it — and send it to all centers of learning!

  • Cavuto has always been good to Ron. Nothing has changed.

  • I Know that’s right.