Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Now or Never!

  • Its all over..the next false flag is just around the corner.

  • Ron is just a hater he isn’t part of the inner circle of the illuminati. Human beings are a fucking disgusting virus, you are worthless… a nobody… you need guidance, I MEAN IT. You folks should be thankful events like Bilderberg take place were the great minds who control the major money making sectors of the economy come together to help improve the world and also help keep humans, HUMAN. Humans are a cancer, without the white blood cells… the Earths cancer is unstoppable. GO ILLUMINATI!

  • PASS hr459!!! Audit the Fed!!!


  • Excellent. Next Legislation – FULL MANAGEMENT/MONETARY POLICY CONTROL – please!

    Audit can only find out about problems after they are done – it can’t prevent them. Fed can intentionally or unintentionally destroy the whole American economy, hence it needs to be under FULL control of the people

  • All that stuff I just wrote makes me think of Fink-Nottle with his newts, daisy chains, and orange juice. Spiked orange juice. Needless to say, people have trouble chosing to become something or denying just any of their instincts. Unintended consequences, what what. Hell, anything is character, including weakness and blindness to what your choices mean.


  • Character is defined by what you do. You believe the beliefs you practice, not the ones that remain bottled up forever without any expression or exercise. An instinct can be fulfilled or not, and beliefs to suit it can be nurtured or staunched, but ultimately, it comes down to which ones you choose to express. You become what you eat and drink, what you absorb from your environment through exercise, exposure. In short, you are all that you absorb and emit, just like a star to an observer.

  • Was a worthy sacrifice, or Rand would have ended up like his dad… no media coverage, Republican’s would have disenfranchise him. If you honestly think if Rand went Independent it would have mattered, just look at the history of the U.S. and tell me how well third parties do in this country? Thought so. The Koch bro’s will be around for a while, they would have done whatever they could to stop Rand from being elected. Or you will be right, and Rand did sell out, and he is not the man I thought.

  • Scott R

    Hold the government accountable. We MUST divide the power to create money from the power to legislate. If we do not, we will pay for things like Obamacare thru inflation with NO escape. The Federal government can not be trusted to balance the budget, and in fact a lot of people will argue that the second the budget IS balanced, the debt-driven money system will fail. So I doubt that Obama or Romney who are both backed by the banks would EVER do anything serious about balancing the budget and holding the FED accountable.

    If Ron Paul does not pull off the upset of a lifetime here in August, we all need to get behind Gary Johnson- and FAST.

    • Surfisher

      Scott R — wait till after Tampa (and a few days more — Ron Paul may just go Independent, if Tampa fails to deliver freedom to us), then start talking about Garry J. Not now!

      Here is the real delegate picture — and scares the pants off Perfidy Mitt (no wonder all the frauds committed on his behalf to stop Ron Paul).

      Take courage from the below!

      • Scott R

        I disagree… we should promote both candidates at this time… get the word out to people. There has honestly never been a better time for a 3rd party candidate to win looking at the similar policy of Romney and Obama as far as our liberties, the wars, the FED and inflation, the budget, health care ect. The status quo vote may be split while budget-minded, freedom loving Americans can vote for a libertarian. We need to get A candidate to poll 15% to get in the debates though. Right now they aren’t even considering Paul in these polls. It is what it is.

        For me a Paul / Johnson 3rd party ticket would be the dream team.

  • The thing is, I don’t even think it’s 1/3 nowadays. And the 1/3 back then consisted of radical people who resorted to violence. No one will resort to violent measures today, and those who do will be subjected to indefinite detention. Operating within a broken, bought political system is counterproductive. The Founders acknowledged this and chose the path of force. The environment we inhabit is designed to contain any resisting force, so we have to outmaneuver our overlords.

  • ok. I’ll go with never.

  • I can’t wait for people in my Generation to start running for President. Until then Ron Paul will do just fine.

  • Audit the FED

  • Audit the Fed and repeal Obamacare!!

  • He is a congressman. He has brought more than 4,000 lives into the world. He has held a marriage together for over 50 years. He was in the service. What the hell are you doing for your country or for yourself?? How are you trying to make things better?

  • I just found out there is 8 states that don’t allow write-ins on the ballot!!! Wouldn’t you know it, my state is one of the eight. I really hope I read that wrong…smh..

  • Ask diebold.

  • says more about the general population than him.

  • Surfisher

    The mechanics of How Banks Suck Us Dry — this is the definitive video explaining it in detail. A must see by ALL!

    Share it — and send it to all centers of learning!

  • youngAmerican
    • Surfisher

      You mean — Hang ’em first, then audit ’em…?

  • Surfisher

    After this announcement the Feds just purchased 100,000 paper shredders…..