Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Now or Never!

  • When will president Paul announce his third party run? After the convention??

  • Citizen

    The syinister part of every Central Banking operation is
    Fractional Reserve Banking!

    ALL bankers use FRB, this is the very heart of the bank fraud where there are no Honest Bankers.
    FRB is the very means whereby the banks are permitted to lend the same dollar 9x over and over. Earning 9x the published interest rate, so a 6% loan is made on 9x the money they actually have on hand, essentially they are earning 54% return on every “demand deposit”. Of course the trouble starts when the loans start going sour and there are no reserves to cover the bad debts.

    Welcome to our brave new deficit tapped out economy

    Honest Banker = Oxymoron

  • Citizen


    Manufacturered items, cars, houses, video screens, computers etc. all drop (deflate) in price over time, that the very nature of Capitalism. Under free market capitalism, mfg products become cheaper over time due to efficiencies of production and innovations.

    On the other hand
    Commodities, raw products like food, fuel, services and interest rates connected to those basic products will experience a price elasticity rises. By contrast, Mfg items are single event purchases and only inflate because government manipulates markets by intervention in the market by creating artificial demand with forced artificially low interest rates.

    So right now, large capital goods are over-produced, exceeding demand and have fallen in relative price. Wage prices have also fallen due to excess supply of an underemployed work force.

    However, fuels and fuel dependant foods are rising because of higher costs and a near constant demand.

    Once industry picks up and unemployment falls, central banks will begin pushing those hoarded currencies into the market via new loans and inflation will pick up dramatically.


  • robin

    French Canadian and Surfisher,
    Actually, I heard that program this morning you posted, but thank you. Surfisher what is going on? I thought we had a 5 state plurality, but now the lamestream media and Rachel Maddow are saying Nebraska is a must. Can you explain what is going on? I also read they have almost 500 delegates in the lawsuit and the judge is saying they have enough. We sent a letter to our state chair from all the PCP’s, so we’ll see what happens, and I’m sure many have joined in this lawsuit. We are also going to address this once again in our next GOP meeting to work on the moral conscience of those who don’t want to make waves or continue to make excuses for this deception and outright fraud. Some don’t like what is going on, but still think there is a difference between Obama and Romney=the lesser of the two evil theory…I’m working on our chair, and he has already said a few things that he might not have before. Overcoming undying party loyalty won’t be easy, but we are going to do our best.

    • Surfisher

      robin —

      At one point we had 11 states, but the GOP Mafia managed to fraudulently remove the valid results from many already, and is still working to disfranchise what’s left!

      Unless the lawsuits are won in time for Tampa, we are left with Nebraska only.

      Nebraska GOP Mafia has vowed that they’ll do WHATEVER it takes to have Ron Paul Supporters SILENCED! See the strong-arm tactics these creatures have already set in motion to cheat Ron Paul of ANY Delegates :

      Contact Lawyers4RP, Ron Paul’s Campaign — and ALL that are needed to get to Nebraska and assure that NO CHEATING is done again!

  • It needs to happen, but Dr. Paul, please make a video detailing what you would think would happen if all of the sudden the Federal Reserve was ended. What would happen if we return to the gold standard? How much gold does the US actually have? And what if the money in circulation does not equal the gold we have? (probable).

  • French Canadian


    Here is a good video on today about executive order giving the government and President absolute control over ALL COMMUNICATIONS

    Obama Now Controls All Communications Via Executive Order (Video)

    • Surfisher

      French Canadian — great job posting this! Spreading it now (while we still can…LOL).

      The BO to Virtually REMOVE the 1st Amendment De Facto — by controlling who may have “free speech”!

      I’m not a big fan of Alex, but this video is most disturbing!

      Seems to cite factual data:

  • French Canadian

    “Even Nouriel Roubini Says We Need to Jail or Hang Some Bankers”

    Mainstream Economist: We Might Need to Hang Some Bankers to Stop Criminal Looting (Video)


    “Nobel prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz – and many other experts – have said nothing will change unless dishonest bankers are jailed.

    Former trader Max Keiser has been calling for years for crooked bankers to be hanged, to send a message that crime won’t be tolerated.

    But Nouriel Roubini is a lot more mainstream than Keiser – or even Stiglitz – being very close to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. See this and this.

    Roubini told Bloomberg that nothing has changed since the start of the financial crisis, and we might need to throw bankers in jail – or hang them in the streets – before they’ll change:

    Nobody has gone to jail since the financial crisis. The banks, they do things that are illegal and at best they slap on them a fine. If some people end up in jail, maybe that will teach a lesson to somebody. Or somebody hanging in the streets”

    • Citizen

      Hi French Can,

      You said… “Stop Criminal Looting”

      Ah heck…. THAT’S Fractional Reserve Banking in a nut shell!

      It’s Legal
      It’s Profitable
      It’s Sanctioned by Congress

      What more of a sweet deal can anyone imagine!

  • robin

    OFF TOPIC: What we need to be concerned about is the latest executive order giving the government and President absolute control over ALL COMMUNICATIONS. The next phase of the government take over has begun. We have to wake people up that by keeping silent or being compliant they will undermine the sovereignty of this nation. They will pay the ultimate price for the illusion of safety. I asked Ben Swann if he could do a story on this because we need to bring awareness to more people who are still asleep. They also believe that Romney will change all these executive orders because they believe he is the man of the people. He will continue where Obama has left off as Obama has continued where George Bush left off. Until people in both parties see how they have been fooled, this agenda will continue to be fulfilled with the blessings of the American people. We have to work harder now than ever to get the message out. FEMA controls all the communication. I heard that the government and President plan to have regular broadcasts daily. 1984…..They are preparing for either an economic collapse or WW111…I will continue to share with others and I’m praying daily for Americans to wake up and take this country back…

  • Ron Paul IS my president!!!!!!!!!!

  • nevadasmith

    Censored From The Capital Column:
    By now Nebraska must know it can now join other of histories well know great Bastions of “Liberty and Freedom.” By Courageously looking into their strength, their Honor and their souls, Nebraskans can join such Glorified locations as “Thermopylae , Bunker Hill, Little Round Top and Bastogne. Nebraskans, Keep The Hope of Liberty and Freedom Alive for US All.One More Time. America has always been a slow slumbering Giant to arouse.
    Nebraskans, You Do Not Want To Be know as that place where The Audacity of an American Future with Hope, met its demise.Please Nebraskans! Do not let A Vision of an Alternative American Destiny “Go Gentle Into The Good Night”!
    For The sake of Hope, “Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light”.
    Hold Nebraska and Men will remember that once again Free Men stood up to Tyranny.

  • If you look at his videos you’ll find that before that he was posting videos bashing everyone on the ticket aside from his boy Mitt. My guess is he is on the Romney payroll. No one actually likes Mitt enough to be this dedicated.

  • Who cares what the inflation rate is this month? If we are talking about the inflation over the last 4 years it doesn’t matter. What that means is that over the last four years, averaged annually, the inflation was 6.7%. To really understand what is happening though you’re going to need to also look at interest rates:

    mortgage-x. com / trends.htm

    We manage our inflation by adjusting interest. What do you suppose happens when people stop giving out loans because there isn’t enough ROI?

  • Ron Paul/Gary Johnson 2012

    The premise that Gary Johnson is for the FED, is saying Ron Paul is for the FED, which both statements are faulty. Gary Johnson and Ron Paul have similar positions in regards to the FED. They both realize there would have to be a transition process.





  • Re: Federal Reserve. My whole family emailed our Senators! We stand by u Ron Paul!! We hope it gets passed!!

  • Surfisher

    Here is what has been Scripted by the Controllers (that OWN both the BO and Rmoney) to transpire in the Presidential Election:

    Plan A — “Let’s have the masses think they’ve won a victory by having Rmoney win, and getting rid of the BO”. This will calm down these Cockroaches (the Bilderberg’s name for the American People) and we can proceed to further take over their nation while they are celebrating the removal of the Kenyan.

    Plan B — “Hey, Americans, you did your best to elect Republican Mitt, but he was just shy of a victory. So, the BO got reelected fair-and-square despite your valiant efforts”. And we keep on raping America uninterrupted.

    How to achieve it publicly, to be palatable to the masses (aside their FIX of electronic voting machines):

    Spin the controlled media to report one day that the Mitt is leading, then a few days later that the BO is. Keep that Merry-go-Round spinning in the “news” till the cockroaches get hooked on it. Soon, they’ll start betting on the outcome.

    Near perfect planning for a Win-Win for The Enemies of the American People.

    One problem though — Ron Paul stands Strong and Incorruptible in these Subhuman Creatures’ WAY!

    One Patriot, The ONLY TRUE PATRIOT this Nation has in Office today — Congressman Ron Paul — has lit the Spark of an Intellectual Revolution for all to embrace! It’s meaning is as simple as a Universal Truth can be: “FREEDOM!”

    And the followers of FREEDOM are growing daily by numbers — and no matter what the Criminals-In-Power do to US (or to Ron Paul), we will surpass them in numbers eventually, and we will END Them For Good (never to show their subhuman shills in OUR Nation again)!

    To All REAL AMERICANS, i.e. Ron Paul supporters — wait till Tampa (and especially the day After) — and you’ll see SOMETHING to Remember!

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul Sets Texas on Fire with his Best Speech Yet!


  • Hey, numb nuts. The inflation rate that is officially put out by the government includes all markets/industries across the board. Hence, big ticket items that have been deflating since 2008 (Houses in particular, and construction costs) GREATLY outweigh the inflation of everyday consumables. While the price of a house is decreasing, it is something one buys maybe once in a lifetime, if that. However, things like gas, energy, food, ALL increasing in cost and bought on a regular basis. Idiot.

  • ronpaulfreedumb…did you really create a username simply for paul bashing? is your argument that our economic situation is fine? or are you just nit picking at whatever you can find to bash on. we should try to look for commonalities, not differences. it looks like you dont have anything to support only things to tear down. find a cause and fight for it, dont piggy back on someone elses with nothing but negativity, your a bummer man (i checked some other posts of yours)

  • The Federal Reserve website states that shareholders earn 6% dividends. I would like to know how much that amounts to and who these shareholders are. Seems very high to today’s market where 0-1% is the normal interest rate.

  • French Canadian

    “Your ability to search the internet is even weaker than your ability to understand the economy.” (Ronpaulfreedumbdumb)

    LOL. This guy is so full of it. He doesn’t even know how to make an internet link… lol
    And he thinks he’s smart? Boy… this guy is really DUMB.