Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Now or Never!

  • Citizen

    Mittens Romney is the ‘Statist’ android applet candidate.

    Seriously…is anyone fooled ?

    Mittens offers nothing of substance, simply a vanilla version of the DEM candidate and hardly worth wasting a vote on.

    But as a GOP candidate, he’s a ‘marketable package’.

    Ron Paul is the only REAL candidate, in touch with the American people.

    It doesn’t matter, Obama or Romney…

    WE the People lose, plain and simple!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • French Canadian


    Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that these KIDS also post on Alex Jones site. Alex did a run on them, their IP adress and YES he find out that they are all government paid trolls.

  • French Canadian


    Yes you are right, I really get to them. And because you and I, have developped sort of an Internet friendly relationship, they hate you also in a rounabout way.

    I call them KIDS, because they act in such a childish way.

    But these KIDS are government paid troll… Obots. I know, because they have the power to hack this site. You know when you post a comment, you cannot flag your own post, you can only flag others comment with the “Like and Dislike ” buttons .

    When I flag comments, a few hours later, they are all gone… if I start over, the same thing occurs a few hours later… and after they do this, amazingly, I can flag my own comments…lol

    No wonder, they hate me, Alex Jones, Ron paul and yourself, because they cannot stand the truth. They want to dicredite us, but they are not succesful.

    They definately hate Iraelis, Americans and now Canadians… lol. They cannot stand that I know much more than they do about their own country.

    These KIDS are full of hatred… and they focus only on Jews. They are wrong. Some people hate Jews, others it is Muslims, for some it is Christians or Russians or Chineese or Americans. They are ALL wrong.

    Even the people who only hate the Federal Reserve, are wrong. Did they ever asked themselves who supports the FED? Do they know that non Jews politicians support the Fed… and this in all countries of the world? All these people are as guilty as the FED. The FED couldn’t operate without the consentment of all these politicians of all allegiance and countries.

    These Obots kids are working for Obama, because the ONE thing that Obama dosen’t want, is to have to face Ron Paul in the presidential election. He knows he would lose in a landslide. So they try to discredit Ron paul, by trying to make him look like an antisemite… and controlled opposition.

    Let’s all pray for the foolish kids so they will see the light one day.

  • robin

    We are collecting signatures of people protesting what our state chair did during the conventions by closing them all down before we were done voting, and then to top it off, holding a secret executive meeting a week later so they could select their own delegates. Last night at a GOP meeting, we all spoke up. Especially my husband who is very vocal and kept asking those that would not sign how they could talk about the lack of a moral Christian conscience in this country and turn around and ignore and even defend blatant cheating. One party insider even said that they have lawyers there to make sure this doesn’t happen. Wow! How naive is that after he spent about 15 minutes talking about the Supreme Courts decision and what was wrong with that. We are just amazed that people are so inconsistent in what they believe. Our precinct chair called a spade a spade, but said he could not sign the petition because it was useless to do. We will work on him, and hopefully he will see the light. He is not liked by the ORP, but he is still part of the party establishment, but doesn’t realize it. We have our work cut out for us, but we are the new voice in our precinct and one that is desperately needed. They have all bought into all the lies about the Middle East. Most get their news from the Drudge Report or Fox News. We all were able to agree that we believe in the fundamental principles of the GOP that have been lost over the years. We will be their moral compass and we will continue to bring up things that they don’t want to think about. We did so well at all the district conventions and that’s when our state chair pulled those shenanigans. I’m sure some of them will join the lawsuit.

  • i guess the government better come lock me up for being all these things. i’ll be waterboarded for my belief in freedom

  • Nebraska is the deciding factor whether Ron Paul can be nominated at the Tampa Convention next weekend!
    Nebraska!! We goto War Now!!!!!


  • Just can’t accept that Ron Paul, a passionate and honorable man who sticks to his principles (even when I don’t agree with Ron on a few issues, I’m amazed that he still sticks to his principles for pretty legit reasons), would have a son like that.
    I’m guessing that maybe it’s so that Rand can throw HIS hat in the ring next time. He’s young and maybe not as passionate as his father on his platforms.
    At least that’s what I’d like to believe.

  • Roy Smith

    We may as well get ready because the Democratic Senate will kill the audit. We have got to the point to where this is no longer Democrat or Republican. Every Senator who votes against audit the Fed needs to be voted out of office. The big banks in the US are now sitting on $224 trillion plus in unregulated derivatives, and all of it with the blessings of the Federal Reserve. This is nothing more than a loaded canon and a giant gambling Casino. Personally I do know if there is away to fix this mess. What a sorry state we are in. No wonder Goldman Sachs throws money at their fair haired boys Obama and Romney.

    • Citizen

      The $224 Trillion is a conservative guestimate, but close enough for this discussion.

      The world central banks have used their ability to create those “unregulated derivatives” to confiscate and control the worlds wealth.

      Fundamentally, anything of value worth owning in the world, is titled and owned by the world Banksters.

      Private property, as a human right, is a modern era joke.

      Their big problem now… they are having trouble keeping the ‘monkies’, (you and me) interested in buying into their scheme of wealth transfer.

      That being; using their banksters powers to create that endless sticky fiat paper to trap more human flies.

      People are getting smarter and thinking twice before participating in the perpetual debt game, opting instead to do the most EVIL of things imaginal….

      SAVE their money and not borrow and spend using the Bankster sticky fly paper money traps.

      • Roy Smith

        That is only the Banks of the US. World wide it is said to be $1.2 quadrillion.

  • Surfisher

    Mitt Romney Lies on Everything…except that he’ll do what his money raisers tell him to do!

    Minute 2:30 till 2:42 — Mitt’s recorded words: “To get that kind of money… you need to cozy up to All the Special Interest Groups, so they can go out and raise money for you (me) from all their members. That kind of relationship has an INFLUENCE the way you (me) is gonna vote!”
    In plain words — Perfidy Mitt has no problem lying to All Americans (since the controlled media will hardly report it), but MAKES SURE that his Financial Masters are AWARE that he’ll DO WHATEVER THEY WANT HIM TO DO TO AMERICA…as long as they give him enough money to get him elected as President!
    From minute 2:43 till 3:05 —

    Plastic Mitt supports the Federal Reserve Board, and states that Ben SHALOM Bernanke is doing a good job: “And it’s important to have the, the Feds as an independent Agency…I do not think The, The, The, The” —

    (here is were poor Mitt displays his weak mind, by trying to figure out which lie is best for the moment, his dullard brain shuts down and he begins to STUTTER…until what he believes is the most palatable lie enters his skull) —

    “I do not think The, The, The, The….the Congress in the United States trying to pull strings at the Fed.”

    Wow, The Mitt sounds like a NWO Child sucking on the Bilderberg’s tit — and NOT like an American!

    And Now, for the BIG Question — why is the GOP Establishment committing POLITICAL SUICIDE by breaking all their rules, and committing blatant election fraud across our Nation, to get this UNELECTABLE Mitt Creature nominated?

    Make this Viral!

  • Well Said!

  • You will never see an audit! NEVER.

  • Really? This isn’t about Ron Paul, this is about ending the Federal Reserve Banking System of the United States. Do you not no anything about it? To just come up with ridiculous rhetoric?

  • Surfisher

    Something to consider — The Israeli Flag was displayed in opposite of the US Flag at this Wisconsin GOP sheep’s’ bleating (see the Jewish flag at minute 1:10 and 1:13):

    Watch how a near record of 29 standing ovations by the US Congress was set, during the May 2011 speech of the US Commander-and-Chief …President Netanyahu…..

    Make this Viral!

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    You must really get to these guys who have a need to put you down. Now they are using my name in vain…Games that children play….People who think this is the way to create real change. They act exactly like the people they say are destroying this country, but are unable to see it. This is an example of why this country is in the state of moral decay because of people that will say or do anything because they think they are in the right. They really don’t care about educating people. Just know you have gotten to them because although you live somewhere else you care and some people can’t stand that. There are a lot of sick people in the world and it appears politics and anything of a controversial nature brings them out of their holes. Instead of really doing something to create positive changes in their communities, they are the ones who live in the victim role and have a need to blame someone else. They are in need of negative attention, and I will keep them in my prayers because they have some real soul searching to do if they really care about the future of this country…

    • Surfisher

      robin — we know it was not you, nor the French Canadian.

      When their dead dogma has failed, their last resort is to impostor — shows you how desperate these creatures have become.

      p.s. Any news from your delegate adventure into The Land of GOP Perfidy?

  • Robin

    French Canadian,

    You are a piece of shit.

  • French Canadian



  • Lisa Schmidt

    Ron Paul is a coward and should hang like all the rest of them. He’s guilty of treason just like the rest of them. Amerika is finished you fools.


  • well said

  • Ron Paul, or lose it all