Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Now or Never!

  • You are the con artist. Listen, don’t blame libs because reps can’t find a decent candidate. It isn’t our fault that you’re going to loose in 2012. Most of us would probably vote dem if their were only 2 parties anyway. The truth is that your party sucks. Mitt and Obama are the liars which is plain as day. Paul has been consistent for decades. If you don’t see that you aren’t looking and now I’m done feeding the troll.


  • robin

    I just read that Ron Paul will not be attending the Paul Festival, but is asking delegates and supporters to come to his rally instead. Another division will be created and the fact that the organizers of the Paul Fest have worked so hard to honor him and he said he won’t be speaking there, is very disappointing. At the least, he should drop in and say something even if his campaign has planned something else. What does he hope to accomplish by doing this? Any ideas on this?

  • Ron Paul is a con artist. He is a liar.

  • The Federal Reserve is already audited. Ron Paul wants to audit decisions regarding monetary policy. The Fed’s financial statements are available on their website. This is another bullshit bill that will go nowhere because it is not possible to audit monetary policy.

  • German Geldwertstabilität

    Do Not give up! do Not surrender! The Liberty movement which you have initiated is so Import for the Rest of the World. We Look at you with Al Lot of Hope And positive expectation. Move on Guys.

  • French Canadian


    “Still disappointed with the Ron Paul supporters in our area who have given up and are no longer involved aside from a few of us…”

    I’m very very sad to hear this. Robin, try to get them out of their trance and get them back in the fight. Your country needs them, in fact, the whole world needs them. Let them understand this.


    • bill

      I will in Ron Paul on my ballot for POTUS once again, like I did in November 2008.

  • Roy Smith

    Eighty percent of the people in the US knows that something is wrong. They may not be able to spell it out for you but they have that gut feeling. They will go with status quo, burry their heads in the sand and hope it goes away. Point blank they are afraid to implement the measures that would turn this country around and head it in the right direction. The same measures that Ron Paul talks about. This is why Ron Paul can not win the primary’s aka beauty contest. People are afraid to vote for him or put in another way, they are afraid to do what it would take to fix the mess we are in, like toast the Federal Reserve. The people who have become delegates and alternate delegates are not afraid to take these steps. They know there is no other way out.

  • robin

    My advice to everyone is to get involved at the local level and be the moral conscience of the people in your GOP. This is what we decided will be our role in our county to bring things to their attention that they don’t want to think about. The morality issue has come up a number of times, yet when it comes to making sure that we stand up against candidates who are unethical and show a lack integrity(Romney for instance), most people in the GOP don’t want to make waves or bring negative attention to the party. Instead, in their minds they believe that Romney is the lesser of the two evils. They are willing to sell their souls to the devil for a few crumbs…Still don’t get that as long as we do this, nothing will change and the parties will continue to choose the people that will undermine our sovereignty in this country. We hope to educate them. This is the most important thing we’ve learned as Ron Paul supporters that no matter what happens at the national level, we have to be involved in our communities and at the state level. We can not give up because that’s where real changes can occur. We don’t have the same control at the national level. Still disappointed with the Ron Paul supporters in our area who have given up and are no longer involved aside from a few of us who will try and be a formidable presence at these meetings and make them meaningful and instead of the same old status quo griping and never creating meaningful changes or what we stand for-values and principles and standing by them, will talk about real issues and what we can do to create needed changes in our party, county, state and at the national level.

  • Ron Paul is a whitened African Woman from Libya. The name Ron Paul is also a stolen name. (Stolen from the dead employer.) (She stole his name, stole his credits.) She stole!

  • hookagold

    Ron Paul
    except no substitute now, or never.

  • I’m proud of Rand Paul for accepting the truth and endorsing Romney. Only if the amazing Ron Paul would do the same, then we all would be truly happy.

    • bill

      You must like Romney Care. TD to you.

  • Hey all I’m a fellow Ron Paul supporter and I would love it Ron Paul would stop running for President. Thank you from everyone.

  • im watching fox news right now, the top 3 thing voters are looking for in a president are healthcare, economy, and ethics. ron pauls name was not even mentioned, romney and obama are the same person wake up people and vote for ron paul

  • obama the pro-abort baby killer must go

  • Erik Fred

    Guys! Hello from Germany.

    In His latest Publication Soto is discussing the euro And the Gold Standard. He is Talking about the German “Geldwertstabilitaet” which is under pressure. I can Tell you that the “Oestrreichische Schule” is becommng more And more popula r
    Amongst the so called intellectuals And Students Hera in germany. Thats great, i think! To change Things our liberterian Position Nerds to become mainstream.
    Ron Paul for President!

    • Citizen

      The Ron Paul Revolution is just not an American thing…

      FREEDOM and PERSONAL LIBERTY are a univerisal truth across all languages.

      Our US Constitution gives credit to our single source of common free will.

      FREEDOM is a DIVINE right, not a ‘human right’ that is given and taken away
      by fickled governments.;

      FREE WILL is Divinely given to all and not by Government proxy.

      Ron Paul and all Libertarians know this irregardles of any religions dogma!


  • If the answer is now or never, then it’s going to be never. How about we be more realistic and say “some time soon”?

  • The Federal Reserve has been around for 99 years and it does not need to be around for 100 years!!! It is time for it to end already. Millions and millions of people need to wake up! Us real people on this website cannot do it alone! I certainly cannot do it alone. I’m just a death metal dude in a band called Sonic Derp. We are going to record songs about liberty, prosperity, peace, love and pursuit of happiness. We have a song called End the Fed! Watch for that song to be released pretty soon. Ron Paul is one of the only truthful and honest politicians in the world. He will save the United States of America. Do people remember The Constitution? No! There’s a ton of unconstitutional things that are going on and it needs to stop. We need to convert all of these drones to get our freedom back! Let’s do it people!!! 😀

  • I think the fact that his son endorsed Romney shows that not only can he not win but he’s cutting deals with Romney. Ron Paul played you all like a typical politician.

  • You’re right, but a lot of Ron supporters believe Rand Paul, by trying to gain broad appeal, is going to lose his conservative stance and “sell out”. Rand does have the same, flawless voting record like Ron, however people can’t find his motive in backing Romney–Rand has been known to criticize Romney publicly before.