Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Now or Never!

  • You still don’t get it but I’m not going to teach you Economics 500 chars at a time. I’ll admit hyperinflation has not occurred. It is also not likely to occur in the US anytime soon. I really can’t make a very good argument because I’m just going off what your original claim was since I was unable to find video of him saying that in Jan. I would imagine that he didn’t actually say it was certain to happen and I’d also bet he definitely didn’t say it was certain to happen in the next few months.

  • You’re an idiot. If China was expecting a dollar collapse, they would buy dollars since their economy relies on a strong dollar. They would not act to encourage a collapse.

    CPI May 2012: 229.815
    CPI May 2011: 225.964

    That’s an annual rate of inflation of 1.7%. Ron Paul predicted hyperinflation. He was wrong. Get over it bitch.


  • French Canadian

    On this Sunday, June 8 Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Dan Feidt, who posted a U.S. Army Civil Disturbance Operations training course document instructing soldiers to break up “unauthorized gatherings” by “dissident elements” in the United States. The course material also calls for confiscating weapons.

  • French Canadian

    Hi Citizen,

    You know what? I will believe what Robin heard, that “Ron Paul is asking delegates and supporters to come to his rally instead”

    … I will believe it only if and when RON Paul will come out in a video and ask directly his supporters to do that.

    Till then, I believe that this crap is coming out only from his campaign crew whose aspirations are to join the Big Boy Rep Club… lol.

  • Define Moron.

  • Then it is up too us to re-educate our brothers and sisters. Remember it was just as hard for the Founding Fathers.

  • farmageddon look it up america. We need to educate more tell all. Go Ron Paul !

  • French Canadian


    “I just read that Ron Paul will not be attending the Paul Festival, but is asking delegates and supporters to come to his rally instead. What does he hope to accomplish by doing this? Any ideas on this?” (Robin)

    Ron Paul only have ONE flaw. He believes in his campaign crew. He shouldn’t.
    He doesn’t realize that these little young scumbags, were never on his side. They never wanted him to win to start with. They are neocons, they want the Status Quo and they will do anything for Romney to win. It is all very clear to me now. They want to be part of the Big Boy Republican Club.

    This is why they have organized a new rally, probably to promote another neocon candidate for some sort of office. They know that if Ron Paul would be attending the Festival in Tampa, that he would probably WIN the nomination. And that scares them to death… they DO NOT WANT this to happen.

    Ron Paul wants to End the Fed… he should also END his Campaign Crew and rely only on his own decision for the sake of this nation. Don’t go to the rally… just attend the Festival… that will teach them a lesson. Boy I hate traitors like the ill Jesse Benton and al.

    THIS is what I really think.

    • Citizen

      Hi French Can

      You are spot on about the “Big Boy Republican Club”

      Sadly those campaigen dweebs are fabricated in the ‘Statist’ indoctrination centers, aka ‘public skrools’

      Likewise, the only economic classes you can take in college are of the Keynesian variety, you know, the ones where the Progress Statists promote evermore government solutions for everything!

      The “Big Boy Rep Club” is the proverbial… In GOV we Trust, no questions asked and never think outside the box!

  • I think most Americans are to stupid to consentrate on what he is really talking about, Fat fng Hamburger eating degenerates !!!

  • And what can u do for your people ,u dick.

  • Cool story bro

  • Ron Paul is a complete Moron.

  • wow so many trolls commenting here! get a grip.

  • What else happened in May? China and Tokyo signed an agreement to no longer trade between each other based on the value of the dollar. The fact you can sit there and tell me a -.3% CPI means anything compared to that fact just shows how little you know and understand economics. The only explanation for doing this is that they are both planning to be ready for the USD collapse that everyone knows is coming. PS: You forgot to mention that overall, since Jan the CPI is actually +.7%.

  • Surfisher

    Mitt Rmoney Lies on Everything…except that he’ll do what The Money Lenders, that finance his campaign, tell him to do!

    Pay attention to this video — by the minute count shown below!

    Minute 2:30 till 2:42 — Mitt’s recorded words: “To get that kind of money… you need to cozy up to All the Special Interest Groups, so they can go out and raise money for you (me) from all their members. That kind of relationship has an INFLUENCE the way you (me) is gonna vote!”
    In plain words — Perfidy Mitt has no problem lying to All Americans (since the controlled media will hardly report it), but MAKES SURE that his Financial Masters are AWARE that he’ll DO WHATEVER THEY WANT HIM TO DO TO AMERICA…as long as they give him enough money to get him elected as President!
    From minute 2:43 till 3:05 —

    Plastic Mitt supports the Federal Reserve Board, and states that Ben SHALOM Bernanke is doing a good job: “And it’s important the have the Feds as an independent Agency…I do not think The, The, The, The” —

    (here is were poor Mitt displays his weak mind, by trying to figure out which lie is best for the moment, his dullard brain shuts down and he begins to STUTTER…until what he believes is the most palatable lie enters his skull) —

    “I do not think The, The, The, The….the Congress in the United States trying to pull strings at the Fed.”

    Wow, The Mitt sounds like a NWO Disciple sucking on the Bilderberg’s tit — and NOT like an American!

    And Now, for the BIG Question — why is the GOP Establishment committing POLITICAL SUICIDE by breaking all their rules, and committing blatant election fraud across our Nation, to get this UNELECTABLE Mitt-flip-flopping Creature nominated?
    Here is my answer (post your take if you disagree):

    The GOP Creatures In Power are NO LONGER RATIONAL — but, as a wounded and cornered Beast, they are lashing out; clawing, biting, spitting and fighting to survive.

    In this mode of self-preservation, no thought of consequences is used, only the instinct for survival has kicked in!

    Should Ron Paul win, their meal ticket would be over! So what difference if they also get sued eventually. (Lose-lose).

    Should they succeed in their desperate fight for survival, than all their heinous actions will be taken care of by their own. (Win-win Mitt Creature).

    Therefore, expect ever increasing atrocities during the upcoming Conventions — especially in Tampa —- the more desperate this Animal becomes, the more vicious its attacks will be!

    Make this Viral!

    • Surfisher

      p.s. Interesting name — is this an indication of Things To Come — the End of the USA?

      Ben SHALOM Bernake — as in the Jewish ‘Shalom’…Hello and Good Bye (America, we will always own you financially)….?

      p.p.s. All chairmen of the FED since 1913 till Now are CONFIRMED Jews…does this tell us something?

      • crystal achey

        people of all “faiths” commit acts of evil … just because there are a group of Jews committing acts of evil, does not say anything … those Jews work with Christian leaders, Mulim leaders, Atheist leaders & probably Buddhist leaders too… probably not the Taoists though… All people from all walks of life commit the same kinds of acts of evil as the chairmen of the fed … so your point is mute if you are trying to encourage hatred for one particular group of people… it’s rather antiquated and only works with the older brainwashed generation… whatever point you are trying to get across, you may want to find a more sophisticated way to make it understood

        • Surfisher

          crystal achey —

          Not a religious inquiry — just asking for FACTS!

          Have all Chairmen of the Fed since 1913 till Now been Jewish — yes, or no?

          Nothing, else.

    • Citizen

      Hi Surfisher,

      I appreciate your post, sadly the “common man” is clueless and a superficial voter.
      The elections are now little more than just name changes with little substantive policy change. The Statist Quo is simply too powerful to let a candidate like Ron Paul really get close to the national spotlight.

      Romney is simply the white versus of Obama, with a minor emphasis shift leaning to favor the Warfare State military industrial complex. If or when Mittens wins, the Lockheed Martins, General Dynamics, Northrup-Grummuns of America will just get trillions more to continue building the American World Empire.

      Heck… I’m packing my bags, hoping for a good upper bunk in a nearby FEMA camp, why fight it.

  • Consistently stupid – In January he said the dollar was collapsing and hyperinflation was imminent. The CPI for May was -.3%

    Consistently racist – the fucking news letters you dumb ass.

    There you go asshole. Now go tell me how he had nothing to do with the newsletters he signed and the rate of inflation for may was higher than reported. How predictable. You’re an imbecile.

  • OK, I’ll bite. Give an example of either and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong. I’m not going to spend all day on your vapid crap though.

  • robin

    Those that are concerned about the Federal Reserve, look up about CAFR-Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. It seems that those we’ve shared this with can’t seem to get their head around it. Even someone we know who is a retired economics professor. Just read that some journalists in LA are looking into it in California. Look up Walter Burien and Clint Richardson who have done their homework but the powers that be are working hard to make sure no one does anything to expose this. Two books so they continue to tax us to death while there is billions of dollars that have been invested of your money and mine. It’s in every city, county, at the state level and at the national level…Learn the truth and spread this information to others. Most people know nothing about it..

    • Surfisher

      robin — WOW (you are brave)!

      Mentioning the CAFR is like asking for a personal death sentence, or inthe least becoming a FEMA Camp detainee (even going on Google to see its meaning, will get you REPORTED to the Criminals that are in Power of the USA )!

      See you soon there, hope we have adjoining cells in FEMA’s Concentration Camps, so we can rattle our shackles in unison….

  • Citizen



    The Progressive Socialists have had their way for 100 years with their ‘Fiat Money” system, printing and creating credit out of thin air since 1913.

    100 years of corruption, deciet and wholesale theft of Americas wealth redistributed to every political special interest, except for the American citizens.

    100 years where every political interest, except the Amiercian people. has been given billions of tax payer money to benefit only the ultra wealthy banksters.

    100 years of clandestine funding of war after war after endless war. Paying for the bottomless contracts for the ever expanding Military Industrial Complex.

    100 years of BUYING foreign government friendships, influencing their political elections and funding secret ops to disable unfriendly oppositions.

    100 years of private citizen’s wealth being dissolved and diluted into worthless paper script where no amount of savings can evern hope to secure a comfortable retirement.

    100 years of ever rising taxes and creaping inflation pushing everyone into paying rich peoples tax rates on subsistance paycheck to paycheck lifestyles.

    The FED has been a miserable custer-F of a failure for the American citizens. But a great success for the Banksters

    Isn’t it about time
    WE the PEOPLE
    should End the FED and return our nation
    BACK TO a Sound Money FUTURE of fiscal sanity ?

    • Surfisher

      Citizen — superb post!

      Only the US Department of Treasury is endowed the Constitutional Power to MINT REAL MONEY!

      The Feds are a Private Entity — as such they cannot print US Money according to the Original US Constitution — and thereby are subject that all their Members be INSTANTLY put in Jail via counterfeiting US Dollars, by their substitution of Federal Reserve (promissory) FAKE Notes, for REAL US Treasury Dollars!

      • Citizen

        Thanks for the compliment…

        My broader concern is that most Americans are Money Illiterates, clueless about what money really is.

        The FED has a ‘Legal Tender” monopoly advantage and no one I talk to these days is able to ‘think outside the box’. Even accountants and ordinary bankers clueless about what money really is, they’ve simply fallen for the “full faith and credit of the US Government” BS

        Even today when jobs are lost, businesses are failing left and right, they just want the FED to print more money as the solution. They don’t realize that having ‘bailed out’ the banksters is the reason we are here, unemployeed and bankrupt.

        The fiat paper currency has simply transfered power and ownership of real world tangibel assets into the hands of numbskull banksters who have no clue how to build an economy and create REAL JOBS.

        Its frustrating to say the least!

    • bill

      Awesome post man! Spot on!

  • Paul has been consistently stupid and consistently racist for decades.