Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Now or Never!

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  • Anyone going to the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa? ebay(dot)com/itm/Ron-Paul-Not-For-Sale-T-Shirt-/320941522751?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ab99aff3f

  • You know I noticed Barack Obama would not be seen dead near Ronald Ernest Paul

  • Your inflaiton calculator says “annual rate of change 6.7%”

    That is not the annual rate of change. that’s inflation over 4 years.

    (21.35/20)^1/4 = 1.0164, which means annual rate of inflation of 1.64%

    Go back to junior high and pay attention in math class. You are clueless.

  • This video channel is full of videos in which Ron Paul predicts the imminent collapse of the dollar, run away inflation, hyperinflation. Collapse of the dollar is another word for inflation.

    May 2008: 216.632
    May 2012: 229.815

    The annual rate of headline inflation over 4 years is 1.48%

    Your inflation calculator is incorrect. They mean 6.7% over 4 years, which is 1.64%/annual rate of inflation ($20.00 item in 2008 is $21.35 in 2012).

    School it out kid. You lose.

  • OK, well so far you’ve given no evidence of the validity of your premise. RP has said run away inflation is imminent and has been correct. Your math is incorrect though. It isn’t hyperinflation but it is run away inflation. In actual fact, the annual inflation rate over the last 4 years has been 6.7%. Don’t listen to me though use an inflation calculator: usinflationcalculator . com

  • Again, this is like arguing that water is wet. In all those videos, Ron Paul is predicting an imminent collapse of the dollar, uncontrollable inflation, even hyperinflation. It’s all over the fucking internet. Everyone who subscribes to the Austrian school predicted the dollar would collapse when the fed funds rate was cut to .25% and Ron Paul was their loudest voice. He made a prediction and the prediction was wrong.

  • No, my argument is that Ron Paul has since 2008 when the Fed funds rate was cut to .25% consistently said that hyperinflation was imminent. Now 4 years later, the annual rate of inflation is 1.7%. Why was he lecturing on the dangers of hyperinflation if he was not warning against imminent hyperinflation? Peter Schiff has been saying the same thing since 2008 and he was Ron Paul’s economic adviser. The Austrian school predicts hyperinflation as a consequence of cutting fed funds rate to .25%.

  • So, let me get this straight, now your argument is that RP is a moron because he pointed at a display and said, “This is entitled ‘The Dangers of Hyperinflation'”? So far you’ve taken me on a trip around the Internet and have yet to show me one actual example of what you’re saying. Have you even listened to anything you’ve presented as evidence so far? Nothing you’ve shown us has actually said what you keep saying it does. The reason is simple, you don’t understand the term hyperinflation.

  • More for you dumb ass:

    Ron Paul On The Dangers Of Hyperinflation”

    that is on Ron Paul Dot com. Google the quote and watch the video.

    This is like arguing whether water is wet. To not know that Ron Paul predicts imminent hyperinflation is to not know anything about Ron Paul. You’re a joke and a imbecile.

  • From May 2009:

    Ron Paul Hyperinflation will consume America

    Google this for more: Ron Paul Predicts Hyper-Inflation, Says “Dollar Will Be Rejected As Reserve Currency Of The World”
    From March 2011.

    hahahahahahahaha….seriously dumb ass. go ahead and respond and pretend he never said hyperinflation was imminent. It’s all over the internet.

  • that’s annual rate of 560%, not 56%, typo left off a zero.

  • Hahahahaahaha…why don’t you just give up? In economics, hyperinflation occurs when a country experiences very high and usually accelerating inflation. 40% monthly rate of inflation is certainly hyperinflation. That’s an annual rate of inflation of 56%. A loaf of bread would cost $100 at the end of the year.

    Here is another video for you stupid:

    Ron Paul: Prepare for Runaway Inflation, $100 Loaf of Bread

  • Actually, it isn’t. The definition of hyperinflation is when the the dollar looses 50% or more of it’s value monthly. Let’s face it though, you’ll probably never get this no matter how slowly I explain it to you. What I think you might understand if I try really hard is that Ron Paul doesn’t put the titles on those videos. He also isn’t recording them with his Handy Cam and he isn’t uploading them to YouTube. You cannot list a title and expect anyone to take that as the words of RP.

  • Collapse dollar is the definition of hyperinflation you fucking moron. On this fucking video channel there is a video titled:

    Ron Paul On Coming Hyperinflation

    If you have not heard Ron Paul say hyperinflation was imminent, you have not paid attention.

    At a annual rate of inflation of 2%/year, the dollar will lose half its value in 20 years. Big fucking deal!! Seriously, you are clueless. Hang it up and stop wasting my time.

  • French Canadian

    Both articles can be found at:

    Ron Paul to blow off Paul Festival for GOP delegates rally

    “July 7, 2012.

    Tampa. On August 26, 2012, the city of Tampa, Florida will simultaneously host two separate Ron Paul rallies. One will be a three-day music and political festival organized by Ron Paul supporters with plenty of organized activities for the whole family. The other event…will have Ron Paul. In a surprising announcement, the popular Republican Presidential candidate made it clear he would not be speaking at Paul Festival, leaving his die-hard supporters feeling betrayed for the second time in as many months.

    For quite a while, Ron Paul’s now legendary supporters have been planning a ‘thank you’ rally for their beloved Presidential candidate Ron Paul. With a line-up of speakers that promises to be thee political rally of the summer, Paul Festival as they’ve called it, will only be missing one thing – the guest of honor himself, Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul announcement

    In an email to supporters yesterday, the Texas Congressman made it abundantly clear that he was holding his own political rally on the same exact day as Paul Festival, in the same exact city – Tampa.

    Both events are timed to coincide with the start of the Republican National Convention being held in the same city. The candidate also makes it clear that he will not be joining the long list of speakers at Paul Fest and insists, “This event on Sunday, August 26th, at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome, will be the ONLY pre-Convention event at which I’ll be speaking, so I hope to see you’ll be able to make it.” Ron Paul doesn’t say if he will make any sort of personal appearance at Paul Festival, only that he will not be speaking there.”


    Paul Festival Plans for Sunday

    As most of you know, Dr. Paul announced his venue for his event today. What we would like to do is, on Sunday morning, open up at 8:00 am and have our Sunday worship service and then “Ronvoy” our masses over to his event. Imagine a convoy of Ron Paul supporters going through Tampa Sunday morning! It’ll be great! Meanwhile at the festival, we’ll continue with musical acts, the children’s activity center, etc. and we’re currently working on having Ron’s event simulcast at our event on a jumbotron for those folks staying back. His event will be shown on the internet so it shouldn’t be an issue arranging it. Then, after Ron’s event, the “Ronvoy” will bring everyone back, and we’ll have a Grand Finale!

    We’re still waiting to hear back as to when he will speak at our event. In the meantime, we’ll continue our planning and promoting. The movement wants and needs this, and it is up to us to make it happen. I’m sure Dr. Paul is counting on us to bring everyone to Tampa. And people aren’t coming just for a 4 hour Sunday event – they want to travel together, camp together, and celebrate what we’ve accomplished over the last 5 years together – and we’re just the people to make that happen. We will converge on Tampa and show the world our numbers as we celebrate and unify! We are the fastest growing political movement in America and there’s no stopping us!

    Let’s do this!

  • Just as I figured. That video uses the word hyperinflation exactly zero times. RP did mention that in comparison with the gold standard the dollar has lost nearly 50% of it’s value; which is fact. Even though I’ve already shown you to be incorrect, I encourage you to check up on that because you clearly need to watch that video a few more times. This stuff is common knowledge, which you should already be aware of if money means something to you. Your ignorance really isn’t my problem.

  • French Canadian

    Oh Boy! He did come out in a video and said it:

    Tampa Rally Update

  • Your ability to search the internet is even weaker than your ability to understand the economy. Here is the video from March 2012. Ron Paul says the dollar is collapsing NOW.


    Economic Collapse: The Death of the Dollar