Ron Paul: Audit the Fed! We’re NOT Backing Down!

Campaign for Liberty

  • NEWS FLASH! Our economy has already tanked and the reason it has tanked is because of the FED! It is a privately held banking cartel, do yourself a favor and do some research.



  • The fed is a good thing, its because of bailouts that our economy hasnt tanked

  • I was with the understanding that their 100 year lease is almost up in 2013.

  • Jew & Federal Reserve

    1. Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke — Jew

    2. Ex Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan — Jew

    3. Ex Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volcker — Jew

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  • One does not simply END the Fed. This audit bill is a great start, but many more things will need to happen in order to end it. Making signs and yelling “END THE FED” is not supporting Ron Paul’s movement. I have friends who think that he just wants to end the fed when he gets in to office, because they see comments like this, and signs like those in the video. It is an over-simplified call to action. Catchy yes, but grossly misleading.

  • Although I’m glad the Audit the Fed bill finally made it out of committee, but it angers me that the ONLY reason it finally passed committee is because the scumbag politicians in Washington know that people are pissed off about the Fed and only want to get re-elected so they voted for the bill. Congress doesn’t care about the people they are only interested in covering their own asses!

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  • AUDIT THE DAMN FED! For all of you who were ever mad at another human being for whatever reason: he may have taken your job, his religion might be different or he may have wronged u some other way… but none of that COMPARES to the demonic business tactics of a mutant system that has become a danger to our society!!!

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  • Let’s get behind this. Don’t waste comments on sheep. We have an opportunity and nothing worth fighting for is easy. the naysayers and the slaves always want to be slaves so nick them! Even if we fail, know that you did all you could. Donate botches!

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