Ron Paul: Audit the Fed! We’re NOT Backing Down!

Campaign for Liberty

  • This idiot here is almost on every Ron Paul vid discriminating.


  • Cezar

  • The Union of States indivisible in liberty and justice for all. This is the fight to remain a sovereign nation, our constitution is in jeopardy. END THE FED .. liberty or death

  • Are you suggesting that Ron Paul is similar to Hugo Chavez?

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  • Ron you are an American inspiration! THanks for all your blood and sweat you shed for the American people if your battle for liberty.

  • Put your money in to tangibles like guns and ammo.

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  • Screw supporting them for the rest of their lives.Hang every traitor to the nation.

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  • The Fed is a criminal organization and every last one of the agents and people responsible for it’s existence should be in prison for the rest of their lives.

  • End the Fed
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    saying NO to BANKER COCK, here watch?v=VJgQ2n4fdy4

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  • The truth must dazzle gradually or every man be blind. Auditing it is the first step to ending it. Right now there is no popular support for ending it. But after a real audit, more people will know what the Fed actually DOES. We are depending on this to swell opposition to the Fed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. First we audit the Fed. Then we end it.

  • HR459 is one of those steps we should be focusing on.

  • Ok chill out. I’m all for a country without fractional banking, without a private corp controlling interest rates and everything monetary. My point is screaming END THE FED at the top of our lungs everywhere we go is just chasing people from our cause. When you desire a long term goal which has many small steps to get there, you focus on one step at a time while keeping the end goal firmly in your mind. If you were to just end the fed right this moment, the world would collapse. Baby steps.

  • How is it misleading to disallow a private corporation from controlling our monetary system? We have to end the Fed, it is not a branch of government and it is ILLEGALLY controlling our economy. What will the audit show? It will obviously show all the crimes of which we are already aware and will just delay the process of stopping their crimes before they implode everything.