Ron Paul: Audit the Fed! We’re NOT Backing Down!

Campaign for Liberty

  • His ultimate goal is to end the fed, but you can’t do that overnight. He’s always planned to and has been working towards an audit of the fed and he wants to legalize competing currencies, namely: gold and silver.


  • I like the sound of that.

  • Auditing the fed is how he plans to end the Fed. People don’t yet know the full extent of its crimes, but they soon will.

  • I’m kinda worried now that it’s ‘audit the Fed’ instead of ‘End the Fed’ like he was saying before.

  • Every one take a close look at ju88ff. This is what we are up against. Our government is the cause of dim witted Americans such as this one. The only thing this guy understands is the drool on his cheek and the balls on his chin. There are too many people alive who suckle on the fantasy cow that their fathers created for them. Shes running out of milk. And this guy is to blame.

    Quick, point and laugh at him so we may help him better display his ignorance.


  • those are called Shills, majority of them operated by zionists

  • shill more ? or you’re just too stupid ?

  • ju88ff is a paid troll. Ignore him. 😛

  • My Congressman, Dennis Ross, is a cosponsor of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act,” H.R. 459!!!!!! I love Campaign for Liberty!!!!!!!!

  • Shut up nerd. I bet you get picked on just like Ron Paul did, for being such a crazy weirdo

  • Typical eloquence I’d expect from someone who can’t even dissect the argument, feel free to prove me wrong on the points beings discussed.

  • BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! How does it feel to be completely and utterly clueless of the world around you?

  • Oh shut the hell up you paultard piece of trash. Fuckin scumbag.

  • Expect $25, petition signing & message sharing from me!

  • It’s all borrowed money, if you think Keynesianism is a good thing move to a communist country, a central bank being one of the planks of communism. Fractional reserve banking is just a means of financially enslaving people and making them dependent upon the system. Your argument is weak at best. Think before you type please.

  • This is another money scam. A Fed audit won’t save this sinking ship. It is WAY too late.

  • You laugh at the man who is fighting for your right to say the stupid shit that you do…. You better hope he wins beacuse your about to become the governments bitch.

  • Fed = tyranny

    now stick that in ur pipe and smoke it.

  • Wrong Paul didn’t win ONE fucking primary! LMFAO!!!!