Ron Paul: Audit the Fed! We’re NOT Backing Down!

Campaign for Liberty

  • Order 11110 the reason Kennedy was killed
    its a bill to stop the fed reserve from printing money.
    mr. Paul leave the bankers along evil always selfdestructs
    and they may be a threat to you’r family

  • You got to drunk or stupid of you think ron paul is racist you watch tooo much t.v


  • Auditing the FED would surely end the fed you must expose it to the common people for what it is then it will destruct from the inside. If the fed ended it would be the biggest tax break for poor americans this country has had for centurys

  • Audit your brain, there’s something missing!

  • i believe the fight will began in our life time

  • douglas

    If the Congress and the Senate have any balls left they will audit the Federal Reserve. Then at least the peoples of the world will know who owns and control’s ‘World’ monetary policy. The use and abuse of US dollars by the Federal Reserve to create a world global economy is not a secret (CFR). What is a secret is the goal of those in power to create a world currency system (digital chip).
    There are many powerful peoples who would want nothing but a world currency! These Elite powers long for this like vultures circling a carcass. But their desires are like a flower that has no sunlight. It will not open because they are of the dark side.
    Understanding true proper ‘Democratic Republic Monetary Policy’ has always been there goal to destroy. Slavery is the only way they can keep their system alive. This has always been their problem, getting people to follow their arrogant plans. Won’t happen, they will fail, truth will prevail and they will be side stepped.

  • Audit your son as well

  • They’re still to many people voting for Mitt Romney.We gotta spread this idea to millions or billions of people before its to late…Why is most people in the Mitt Romney videos so stupid?

  • Ice Saya

    “The FED has operated in total secrecy for so long”…

    Auditing an organization that has never shared information with anyone EVER, will mean that they could literally say anything.. forge any document etc.. , because NO ONE EXCEPT THEM can produce any relevant information. pertaining to their activities.
    WHICH MEANS THEY CONTROL THE FLOW OF ALL PROOF either ‘for’ or ‘against’ them.

  • You can’t do that when most mainstream media is controlled by a few families in favor of the FED. Let’s face it, you honestly think this audit will reveal anything or bring any culprits to justice? What about wall street with their mortgage backed security frauds? They (Goldman Sachs) were just given a bailout by the government and not arrested for their crimes. They own the government through their lobbying groups and there’s nothing you/anyone can do! That’s hard reality.

  • End the FED’ will not get a majority in the house in the current situation of a central banking ignorant populace and politicians. A thorough audit could possibly result in a shitstorm with voters calling their congressmen to stop with this fucked up central banking shit.
    The goal is getting the secrets of the FED on the frontpage of every newspaper.

  • Do try to Invalidate the argument. Assuming you don’t like being voted down into nothingness.

  • We support Ron & Rand’s bill to “Audit the Fed”… My family members are emailing and calling Senators & their Congressman… Thanks to Ron Paul a True Patriot!!

  • It won’t save us from a crash but if people know about the Fed it may save us from another central bank run by the same people.

  • Ur right this is an up hill battle. I don’t want to quit. I just don’t see these people giving up all that power with out a fight. This fight will probably be going on after our life times

  • I don’t doubt that is what they will try to do. But you really think doing nothing, as we have been doing, is a good idea? The Fed needs to, at the very least, be accountable to someone. And the more people become aware of the truth about the Fed, the more pressure put on Congress to do something about it, the better chance of bringing about change. Let the sheep think we’re stupid, that’s nothing new and shouldn’t stop us from working to make things better.

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  • What if u audit the fed and they cover everything up?? Then we look stupid