Ron Paul: Audit the Fed! We’re NOT Backing Down!

Campaign for Liberty

  • “God save america cry the people,
    god save america cry we all
    wether on the scaffold high
    or the battle field we die
    oh, what matter when it’s for;
    WE THE PEOPLE! we fall”

  • SAVE US, RON PAUL!!!!!!!
    God Save America!!!!!!!


  • Ron Paul: Audit the Fed! We’re NOT Backing Down! Great Video! END THE FED! NO NWO!
    Ron Paul or President 2012! The only hope in my opinion for restoring America and the American Constitution for President is Ron Paul.Liberty,Freedom and Justice for all of WE THE PEOPLE!

  • I love this guy! I’d vote for him in a second if I could. However, being Canadian, I can’t. 🙁

  • We have the right to reconstruct our government everytime they stop working for us! Come on people who say its impossible to begin a peaceful revolution are ignorant!

  • Can people from NZ vote for Audit the Fed?

  • Ron paul for 2012. This is our ONLY hope.

  • Theres no way the NWO will win. We’re coming into the age of Aquarius, an energy shift awaits us in fact its been happening already since last year and the signs and proof is so obvious is scary lol. 4 years ago the thought of the fed getting audited would of never crossed my mind and now look. He may not win the election but hey look at it this way; at least he dont have to work that hard. Being a presidents no easy task. Ron Paul has a win win situation on his hands, fed audited, and relax.

  • RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • I would not say ‘own’ but ‘have massive influence’, which in practice is the same thing. I don’t expect this possible audit to instantaniously start the revolution, but if the house passes that bill it is a sure sign things have changed in the US concerning the perspective on the FED in general.

    Like the suddenly felt need by Bernanke to hold a press conference to explain (in)actions of the FED, which is a completely new thing, the audit would be a small step in the right direction.

  • Mitt Romney or Obama wins the charade as always. The USA is looking at decades of more war and debt. No way of pulling out of this one, except a major depression or revolt of some sorts.

  • He’s a dildo.

  • now what is it you have against ron paul?

  • You will never succeed you fools. Rothschild/Rockefeller 2012

  • no thats the point. it might be nothing. like ron says”what happens if I’m wrong? nothing. What happens if I’m right? Nothing good.”

    so if there are no crimes yay. if its bad thank god we checked!

  • douglas

    Private Unconstitutional Monetary Policy does not want a population of citizens that has high purchasing power and no debts. That would be a society of happy and content families who would expand the economy proportionately through ’Constitutional Monetary Policy‘.

    The more debt the private central bankers create the more real money comes back to them through interest. Furthermore, their power over monetary policy allows them the ability to monopolies and centralizes every industry, corporation and natural resource extraction. However, the main problem with their ludicrous system is that it overpopulates fast and depletes Earths natural resources at a high un-natural rate. So, they have to figure out ways to balance their system. They do this by creating conflicts, wars, plagues and even ways to poison the food and water supply.

    No matter what they try their plans always fail miserably. Mainly because evil has no ruler and every evil operation wants to be in total control and attain ultimate power. Thus, they always loose control. Control is their main issue of focus. They know if they let their system self destruct on its own, they could loose control. So, they set up controlled self destruction policies that will help them maintain control.

    Once again, their efforts will fail miserably and they will only succeed in unleashing another beastly anti-Christ dictator that they will loose control of. In the end they will conspire to maintain control by funding and provoking opposition forces. Thus, like they have done in the past, capitalize on the entire failure from both sides. However, this is the last time they will have to try and reconcile their system over the population of the world. God is a Jealous God and wants to see who will accept their final last ditch mark.

    So, what is this beast that they have created that they could loose control of?

  • End it

  • Rand Paul supported mitt romney 😀

  • If you go against Ben Bernanke they call u a Nazi and anti semetic. END THE ZIONIST CONSPIRACY!

  • Check out ”Why America in not the greatest country” clip on you tube. The MASS MEDIA is in full swing. They’re infiltrating everything. They create a character who seems to mimic the passion and sentiment of Ron Paul as he depicts the REAL problem of America BUT…then he subtly shifts the blame. He claims the CAUSE of our demise is 1)college kids 2)belief in angels 3)self-defense. He doesn’t mention OFFENSIVE wars or Media propaganda or the Federal Reserve.

    Such trickery