Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • Oh well i live in Australia i don’t really have to worry about being called a crazy ron paul supporter, by please do have a look at 95% of the warmongering supporters in congress if im really that psycho.


  • Haha you’re head deep in fox news aren’t you? The only countries that have had military assistance are the ones that America already fucked up, passive-agressive bullshit made by Bush and Obama. How does he wave a middle finger to the rest of the world when his goals are peace trade. What countries would need military assistance anyway? LOL thats funny actually, since US will still have a warmongering illuminati puppet as pres, ” proper” military assistance might live up to its definition.

  • You mean like being charged with a felony. that would automatically give Ron Paul the nomination. but I don’t think Ron Paul would want it that way. he is to honest he would not want to win by default. and the people can’t handle honesty, Americans would rather trade one liar (Obama) in for another liar (Romney) or even Romney if he committed a felony. I don’t care for Bill Maher but he’s right American’s are stupid.

  • French Canadian

    MUST listen:

    Today on this LIVE Sunday edition, Alex Jones takes aim at the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, part of a larger effort to sabotage the 2nd Amendment with international firearms regulations. Alex plays a special report uncovering the UN’s history of gun control, and how Fast & Furious was staged to pass the UN Gun Treaty– by blaming the flow of illicit guns south to Mexico. Meanwhile, American troops have been trained and acclimated to occupying the U.S. and seizing guns– Hurricane Katrina remains a startling reminder that confiscation really can happen here. And as history shows, gun control has really paved the way for democide (death by governments) which has killed hundreds of millions.

  • we contribute to foreign governments killing and starving their people if we regulated stipulation to have that aid help their people in order to receive foreign aid that would be better, but we don’t it goes to the rich and the rich only. and if you support that then what the heck does that make you If Paul supporters are crazy.

  • he won’t get into office or he won’t pull a 180?

  • “Foreign aid is giving military assistance to countries that need it,” LOL military assistance that those countries that have been killing their own people.
    Foreign aid goes to the rich foreign government officials while their people stay hungry & poor. Do you know how much we gave to Hatti that was suppose to help the people? they got sheds & Hatti government rebuild their mansions & N.Korea’s food aid that goes to there government people while their citizens are still dieing from starvation.

  • If Ron Paul won’t win, then I say, vote Gary Johnson, he is our last hope. A libertarian. Remeber in 1992 when Ross Perot was debating with Bush and Clinton? He got 1 in 5 votes. Now we are in HUGE debt, 2 unlikable candidates, and stuck between Bi-partisan gridlock. Much more worse than 1992. Imagine how Gary Johnson can do well. Johnson is alot like Ron Paul, they agree on many things, even Ventura endorses and wants to vote for him.

  • Don’t be a Republican. Don’t be a Democrat. Be an American and vote for Ron Paul 2012.

  • they already said that after 2008. In 2011-12, the real culprit has been exposed. It’s the Ron Paul campaign itself. They throw in the towel before they should, take the millions in campaign donations, and funnel it to Campaign For Liberty. This is used to help other candidates, donor lists are up for sale.

  • I said foreign aid is under a different category -.- This is what I was talking about with the crazy ass Ron Paul supporters. I find it funny that you support him, while he waves a big middle finger to the rest of the world. Foreign aid is giving military assistance to countries that need it, as well as economic assistance. Foreign aid started after WWI when the U.S. was helping out war torn European countries get back on our feet.

  • “If something were to happen to mitt wromney” lmao

  • Your definition of American ” foreign aid ” is actually called ” invading other countries that didn’t do shit.” Over 5 trillion dollars have been spent of so called ” war efforts” in a time of economic crisis. Funny thing is, your government created the war hmm i wonder why……..because they will blanket you in a false sense of security so that you become brainwashed sheep. Ron is against all of this, dragging america out of eco crisis already eliminates thousands of homeless

  • I pity you, if you actually thought that there were other better candidates to vote for than ron, it just shows how fucking subject you are to ” rah rah bullshit” american speeches about patriotism and so called ” just war ” which was manufactured by your own government. You just blew your last chance, enjoy trying to fuck your way out of the jewish created zeitgeist.

  • Lololol Ron Paul loses. Enjoy being brainwashed slaves for the rest of your days america. Great fuckin job.

  • In 4 years everyone is gonna say, ‘why didn’t we vote for a real leader’ Mark my fuckin words!!

  • ‘If something were to happen to Mitt Romney – god forbid’.
    Why would god forbid this?

  • 🙁 Ron lost Nebraska.

    • Libertarian777

      yet no mention is made of Nevada or Massachusetts where he would also have obtained the majority delegates until they (literally) shut down the caucus.

  • Don’t need to argue with KaztenStudio. If you look at his profile you’ll know why. He’s not old enough to vote yet.

  • Posting those type of comments won’t do anything. Instead, why don’t you go out and actually try to spread the message