Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • Socialism is a rights and freedom killing government. Socialism is correctly described as “the last step to communism”.

    The articles of confederation, did not effectively rule our convernment which is why we have the constitution which is exactly what Paul supporters rave about.

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  • I know what socialism is, and I support it. Its a good form of government, U.S. is just so against it because of the whole thing with communism, which people now associate with socialism. The articles of confederation were made way back, saying a lot of the same ideas many Paul supporters rave about. They wanted a weak federal government for protection, no tax, no help, and stronger states. This, of course, completely failed in the end, which is why we have the government we do now…

  • The student loans cause the prices of the colleges to go up, because the colleges know they can get the money they raise the prices. The government taking over where human selfishness will take over is called socialism. The government is made of people so its just as greedy and power hungry as anyone! Having someone else fix your problems will never solve the problems. The government was designed to do that? You joking right? The government is our defense not our doting mother.

  • Mitt is in the game just for himself, he doesn’t give a damn about you or the middle class. How about you and your “Mormon brotherhood” get together and make Mitt show people his tax returns? It’s a felony and if the republicans had the smallest amount of intelligence they would arrest Romney and let Dr. Paul be the nominee.

    ABR 2012
    (Anybody But Romney)


  • No I meant the government needs to regulate things were human selfishness will take over. Private organizations could give student loans, but then they could raise the interest rates so we will be in debt for the rest of our life. The government was designed to do that, and we have no one else to blame but ourselves, we elect the officials, and the U.S. has one of the lowest voter turnouts, even countries were their votes don’t matter.

  • So the government needs to force them to share? For that matter what makes the government kind and sharing?

  • the IDIOT writting about not being jealous of Mitt’s wealth and power and he hates ron paul…WTF is his brainwashed DUMBASS commenting on this video’s page?

    GTFOOH you brainless tard. Not our problem nor responsibility to help you grow a pair of honorable balls to live with.

    We’re not here as your therapists. Go spam a dick romney channel and stop wasting our and your time.

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  • Because people are so indoctrinated by our media and powers that be. They are taking our liberties away and undermining our constitution. The people running our government are criminals and need to be over thrown.

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  • Mormons have their own Agenda. Vote Ron Paul

  • so what he’s saying is…assassinate romney?


  • The people are waking up. Our time is now.

  • I would take a bullet for DR RON PAUL…………………great­est man in politics.

  • im american but my people are so stupid here we have a man (ron paul) who is trying to make the world a better place by stoping wars stoping the us from being the police man of the world but my stupid people vote for someone that tells lies. Wake up AMERICA we are going to crash real hard so be prepared

  • people for ron paul are the only ones who know whats up!!! KILLUMINATI

  • Are Americans fuckin’ retarded? How can anybody even consider voting for Mitt Romney or Obama? Fuck Israel! Fuck Fox News! Fuck this “Less of two evils” shit. RON PAUL 2012!