Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • hookagold

    Can Ron Paul still win the nomination?

    YES HE CAN !!!


  • but he has more than 5 anyways :/

  • but he has more than 5 anyways :/

  • ron got crushed

  • Most people, including me until recently, believed that the Communist revolution was a ‘Russian’ affair, in fact, Russia was taken over, of the 388 Members of the Bolshevik Government, there were only 12 ethnic Russians in the Bolshevik Parliament. Look into the Bolshevik revolution, look for ‘The secret Holocaust’ by Eustace Mullins.

  • You can get known all you want, but if you don’t have any electoral votes, then you cannot win. period. Now, if Gary Johnston can infiltrate the electoral college with his supporters, then we’re talking. I don’t know how that would happen, but this is the only way to win the nomination



  • French Canadian

    Where does that KaztenStudios come from? China, Russia, Cuba or North Korea?
    He surely isn’t an American, that’s for sure. He believes in Big Government and robbing blind the people who work for their living… to give their hard earn money to people like him. I wonder what he is doing on this site or what he is trying to accomplish ????

  • Rp2012

    The answer to the question is no, unfortunately. Ron can’t win the nomination this time and it’s about time we as his most loyal supporters accept this fact. Honestly French Canadian dude, Francois Legault being elected premier of Quebec in the upcoming election is far more likely.

  • …make it, just make sure there’s someone to take up the torch, but more importantly, plenty of you still around to support them!!!

  • Ron Paul will never do a 180. That’s because he stands on principles and principles are not circumstantial. They are immutable. Black isn’t black one day and white the next. The important thing is for Paul supporters, don’t lose heart if you don’t get what you want. Look at Ron, he has been saying the same things as a Senator for 30 years now, being laughed at, ridiculed or just downright ignored the whole time. Did he give up? Hell no! People with principles, stick to your guns! If Ron can’t m


  • /watch?v=-Hx_4mBZBjk
    CNN IS MAD!!! RONPAUL2012!

  • what if barrack obama cheats or corrupts americas voting systems?….

  • I didn’t say you were, just that its the start. Saying words like “fair” is one thing. The world isn’t fair and never will be. People need to fight and stand up for themselves despite it. Ron Paul stands for people having that chance, but not having that chance handed to them by the government or forced on them while other have rights taken away because of it.

  • Sure call me a communist, like all Americans do when they hear the world socialism, or they get a hint of someone wanting businesses under control. >,> I don’t support full blown socialism, but finding a good mix between socialism, and capitalism, fusing the good parts between both, will make for a better, more efficient, fair, and just government.

    • hookagold

      Obama is your man Kazten.

  • French Canadian


    If Ron Paul doesn’t become your President, this is what is awaiting you:

    Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns (Video)

    “Only UN peacekeepers will be allowed to carry firearms”.

  • He doesn’t have to be openly against them, ust preach nice and easy and slowly until finally before even you yourself notice it, you are supporting communism for what seems like perfectly good reasons. I have met communists before as crazy as that sounds. Trust me, you are at the begginings.

  • Communism is an extreme form of socialism, and to describe it as “the last step to communism”, is like saying marijuana is the last step to Meth. If you want to support a politician who is openly against civil rights, be my guest. >,>