Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • there calling him the great ron paul who stands up to a corrupted nation


  • man i am more than happy to hear this information go ron paul!!!

  • Ron Paul’s ideas are gorgeous <3

  • he talks about the future winning little battles and over time things will get better…the things is we really dont have another 4 years left.if RP doesnt become president you can kiss the constitution goodbye and say hello to martial law and the good old fema camps….


  • Freedom Works = establishment ‘tea party’ think tank promoted by establishment neocons

  • Fuck Austin Petersen! He is a narcissistic snake in the grass! He is shady as hell and an establishment mole.

  • Romney will lose to Obama if he’s nominated. Ron Paul 2012!

  • its more than small a vocal minority Austen Petersen, you smug little shit 🙂

  • Go Ron Paul!
    from Belgium

  • There goal seems quite obvious to me at least, to control the free markets, and bail out companies other countries they deem “friends with benefits” … in the end the American people who are losing their jobs and houses, while the corporate lobbiests get them the rewards of the “FEDERAL RESERVE” which is a centralized bank , exactly what our Constitution prohibits…

  • Zionists (for as far as I know, but look it up yourself because I could be wrong) are a group of jews that that support the existence of a jewish state, a goal that lead to the Israel as we know it now, an Israel that receives a lot of support from current American gov. because one of the founding families of the ‘fed’ was the Rothschild family, A jewish banking family that at times greatly supported Zionism ( in short: Zionist jews partially control the money-flow the U.S. gov is depending on )

  • Ron Paul will be our next President!!!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • I’m praying Ron Paul wins!! He is the ONLY man for the job!

  • cause they rule the politics in the US and have the politicians in their pockets ever heard of AIPAC?

  • if history is any guide, nothing will happen to romney. just like nothing happened to jon ‘the slime’ corzine

  • What is their goal?

  • /watch?v=4s-UWBzZiG0

  • Doesn’t Paul already have five states? Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Lousiana, Virginia..?

  • What’s going to happen at the Olympics?